Teamviewer version_4x serial key or number

Teamviewer version_4x serial key or number

Teamviewer version_4x serial key or number

Teamviewer version_4x serial key or number

How To Solve TeamViewer “Commercial Use Suspected!” Problem

No doubt TeamViewer is one of the best, free remote access and remote desktop sharing software over internet.

(**Quick Update** – Teamviewer is a remote desktop sharing software. You should not use TeamViewer to watch movies/ TV shows ! )

Let’s say your friend is facing some computer issues and she does not know much about computers. It’ll be really difficult for you to guide your friend over phone as mostly she’d not understand what to do and your phone bill would run high as well !for

This is where TeamViewer comes in picture and works best. You can sit at the comfort of your house and help your friend who can possibly be sitting thousands of miles away (Make sure you have direct internet connection as TeamViewer does not work if it’s behind proxy).

TeamViewer is free for personal use, but you’ll have to buy a license if you are using it for commercial purposes. Off late I had a few readers e-mailing a common problem they had with TeamViewer. The common problem was that, even though these visitors were not using TeamViewer for commercial purpose they were getting the following message:

“Commercial Use Suspected”

In such case, my first suggestion is that you contact TeamViewer team and inform them about the problem and see if they can solve the issue.

However, there is a way to solve this, but this should be used only if you don’t get a reply from teamviewer and is a bit of technical process, so you have to dabble your hand in it only if you know what you are upto.

1> First Close Teamviewer, if it is running.

2> Click on Start –> Run –> type %appdata%–> delete TeamViewer folder

3> Delete registry folder: hkcu/software/teamviewer and hklm/software/teamviewer

4> Change the MAC Address of your LAN card, this tutorial can help you.

5> Restart your Teamviewer and you should get a new ID and also should solve the “Commercial Use Suspected” problem.

Please use the following method only if you have genuine problem. Please play fair as TeamViewer is one of the best freely available software, which I use and recommend strongly over others in the same niche. There is no substitute to TeamViewer.

(**Update – Aug 03, 2011**)

Some of you might want to check out this list I’ve compiled. It’s a  list of free as well as paid alternatives for TeamViewer. If you have suggestions please chip in and I’ll add it to the list.

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, Teamviewer version_4x serial key or number

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Teamviewer version_4x serial key or number

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