Mouse and Key Recorder v4.0 serial key or number

Mouse and Key Recorder v4.0 serial key or number

Mouse and Key Recorder v4.0 serial key or number

Mouse and Key Recorder v4.0 serial key or number

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IM_Magician(Webcam Software)
Apply for Model: E/F/G/K Update: 2017-01-15
System Requirements : Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1
1. Press Download button to download the driver.
2. Save it on your computer.
3. open the downloaded file.
4. Follow the on-screen instructions.
5. When it's successfully installed, please restart your computer.
6. Connect Pc Camera to your computer, Windows system prompts to find hardware.
Apply for Model ( s ) : 3keys |5keys V-track/Holeless mouse Update: 2019-11-12
System Requirements : Windows 7/ 8/ 8.1/ 10 Version: V11.09V06
8-in-One: 8 pre-defined mouse movements perform your favorite commands (by software) 8-in-One Software: Consists of value-added functions, such as: 8-in-One,Multimedia, Internet, 4-way wheel, and more. Best software for your every need.
Apply for Model ( s ) : N & OP series with F key Update: 2011-09-01
System Requirements : Windows 7/ 8/ 8.1/ 10 Version: V11.09V01
Screen capture:Size-freely capture any part of your screen Screen Capture software: Consists of value-added functions, such as: Screen capture, TutorPen, 16-in-One, multimedia, Internet, 4-way wheel, and more. Best software for your every need.
Apply for Model ( s ) : 3 Keys / 5 keys Wireless Mouse Update: 2020-07-29
System Requirements : Windows 7/ 8/ 8.1/ 10 Version: V20.0729
Consists of value-added functions, such as: Multi-link management, DPI / Report rate select 16-in-One, 4-way wheel, Power-saving management, battery status indication, and more. Best software for your every need.
Apply for Model ( s ) :G9/G11 Series with Shuttle-key Update: 2018.10.12
System Requirements : Windows 7/ 8/ 8.1/ 10 Version: V18.10V08
Office Shuttle Software Shuttle-key: Executes up to 5 chosen PC commands with just one key. 4-way wheel: Smart horizontal & vertical scrolling TutorPen: Draw colored lines to mark the objects Consists of value-added functions, such as: Screen capture, TutorPen, 16-in-One, 4-way wheel, multi-link management, DPI/report rate select, and more. Best software for your every need.
Apply for Model ( s ) :V-Track G10 Wireless Mouse Update:2011.09.01
System Requirements : Windows 7/ 8/ 8.1/ 10 Version:V11.09V01
Consists of value-added functions, such as: 5 modes selection, Screen capture, TutorPen, 16-in-One,4-way wheel, multi-link management, DPI setting, report rate select, power-saving management, battery status indication, etc.
Apply for Model ( s ) : XFAR Wireless Mouse Update: 2020.04.16
System Requirements : Windows 7/ 8/ 8.1/ 10 Version:V1.0
The G3/G5/G7/G9/G10/G11 mouse series have been preset the ID Code in the factory. But under the circumstances you lose receiver or want to use with the other receiver in the same product series, you need to refresh the ID Code before using it.
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, Mouse and Key Recorder v4.0 serial key or number

Using USB Keyboard

Save your work!
Unexpected keystrokes can quickly ruin your program.
When you select "USB Keyboard" from the Tools -> USB Type menu, the Teensy becomes a USB keyboard and mouse while running your program.

Your PC or Mac will detect a new keyboard. Then your program can send keystrokes which your computer will recognize as coming from a standard USB keyboard.

There are two ways you can make your Teensy send USB keystrokes.

The Easy Way: Keyboard.print()

Keyboard.print() works the same way as Serial.print(), except the message is typed as keystrokes. You can print strings, numbers, single characters with all the same control as Serial.print().

Here is a very simple example, using Keyboard.print().

intcount=0;voidsetup(){}// no setup neededvoidloop(){  Keyboard.print("Hello World ");  Keyboard.println(count);  count=count+1;  delay(5000);}

When this program is run, it will type "Hello World" and the increasing count. As you can see in this screenshot, the computer sees a USB keyboard and the keystrokes directly enter the Arduino editor. If delay(5000) had not been used, the result could be very unpleasant.

Sometimes "Hello World 0" may not appear. The PC takes a brief time to detect the presence of a new USB device, but this program begins running immediately. If you use Keyboard.print() before the PC finishes the detection process (called "enumeration" in USB lingo), Keyboard.print() does nothing. A delay() can be added in setup().

Keyboard Layouts

The Tools > Keyboard Layout menu selects the type of keyboard Teensy will emulate. This setting takes effect when you Upload to Teensy.

If you see the wrong characters from Keyboard.print(), Teensy may be emulating a US keyboard layout, but your computer expects a non-US keyboard, or vise-versa. The layout setting only affects Keyboard.print() and Keyboard.write().

Using Pushbuttons

Many projects need to send messages to a computer when pushbuttons are pressed.

The Bounce library provides the easiest way to reliably detect pushbuttons changes. This code shows the basic approach. Just update() each object, and then use the fallingEdge() to check if it has changed.

voidloop(){  // Update all the button objects.  button1.update();  button2.update();  button3.update();  // Check each button for "falling" edge.  // falling = high (not pressed - voltage from pullup resistor)  //           to low (pressed - button connects pin to ground)  if(button1.fallingEdge()){    Keyboard.println("B1 press");  }  if(button2.fallingEdge()){    Keyboard.println("B2 press");  }  if(button3.fallingEdge()){    Keyboard.println("B3 press");  }

For a complete example: File > Examples > Teensy > USB_Keyboard > Buttons.

Individual Key Press / Release

Sometimes you may need precise keyboard control. Many Windows programs will not recognize a CTRL-C character as a copy command unless the CTRL key is pressed before and remains held down while the C key is pressed. Some programs require keys to be held for more than the minimum time. "Home" and "Print Screen" and other special can not be represented in a normal string usable with Keyboard.print().

You can use and Keyboard.release(key) to send individual key press and release events. The "key" may be ordinary characters, or special key codes.

 if(button3.fallingEdge()){;    Keyboard.release(KEY_MEDIA_VOLUME_DEC);  }  if(button4.fallingEdge()){;    Keyboard.release(KEY_MEDIA_VOLUME_INC);  }  if(button6.fallingEdge()){;    delay(300);  // Mac OS-X will not recognize a very short eject press    Keyboard.release(KEY_MEDIA_EJECT);  }

All Keys Codes

Modifier Keys
Media Player Keys
System Control Keys

TODO: document the 8 media key codes and the special set_media() function. Currently these only work on Mac and Linux. Windows does NOT work. A future version will redesign this feature to hopefully work on Windows too. For now, the only documentation is the example, in File > Examples > Teensy > USB_Keyboard > MediaButtons.

The Micro Manager Way

The micro manager way requires more effort but gives you complete control. Normally and Keyboard.release(key) are sufficient, but the "Micro Manager Way" allows you to exactly control the 6 possible key slots used by the USB communication sent to your PC.

Only key codes may be used with the Micro Manager functions. The key codes represent the location of a key on the USA English keyboard layout. The keyboard layout is not used. The media and system keys are not supported. With this way, you are very directly controlling the actual key codes without any extra software translation!

The USB keyboard can have up to 6 normal keys and 4 modifier keys pressed at the same time. To micro manage the keyboard, you use functions to set which combination of keys you want pressed (and zero for the ones you want not pressed), and then use Keyboard.send_now() to send each combination.

You can use delay() or write code to check millis() between calling Keyboard.send_now(), to create the condition of a key held down similarly to a human typing. Auto-repeat is done by the driver on your PC or Mac, so if you have a long delay between pressing and releasing a normal key, the auto-repeat feature may deliver many key events to software.

When micro managing, you need to send a zero for each key you've pressed to cause that key to be released (as if a finger were lifting off the key and its spring were returning it to the resting position).

Modifier Keys

There are 4 modifier keys: Shift, Alt, Ctrl, and GUI. GUI is either the "windows key" (PC) or the "clover key" (Macintosh), usually located to the side of the space bar. These 4 keys are special, and can only be used with Keyboard.set_modifier().

If you want no modifier keys pressed, use a zero.


To press just one modifier is simple.


To press more than one modifier, use the logic OR operator. For example:


Normal Keys

Six keys are always tranmitted by the USB keyboard. Normally, only the first key is used and the other 5 are zero. However, you can use the 6 keys in any way you like. For example, this code would send keys A, B, C, D, E and F, all pressed at once. Keyboard.set_key1(KEY_A); Keyboard.set_key2(KEY_B); Keyboard.set_key3(KEY_C); Keyboard.set_key4(KEY_D); Keyboard.set_key5(KEY_E); Keyboard.set_key6(KEY_F);

To release a key, you must set it to zero. For the above example, all six would need to be set back to zero if the next Keyboard.send_now() should not have any of these 6 keys pressed.


After you have set the normal and modifier keys, use Keyboard.send_now() to communicate that combination to the PC or Mac.

The keys remain as you set them, so between each call to Keyboard.send_now(), you only need to make the changes you need. For example, this code would send a CTRL-ALT-DELETE sequence.

// press and hold CTRLKeyboard.set_modifier(MODIFIERKEY_CTRL); Keyboard.send_now(); // press ALT while still holding CTRLKeyboard.set_modifier(MODIFIERKEY_CTRL | MODIFIERKEY_ALT); Keyboard.send_now(); // press DELETE, while CLTR and ALT still heldKeyboard.set_key1(KEY_DELETE); Keyboard.send_now(); // release all the keys at the same instantKeyboard.set_modifier(0); Keyboard.set_key1(0); Keyboard.send_now();

It is important to set normal keys back to zero and send. If you do not, the key will remain pressed, and the PC or Mac USB driver will begin auto-repeat.

If you are familiar with the older PS/2 keyboard "scan codes", please be aware that USB keyboard codes work differently (and use different numerical values). The old scan codes sent different messages for key down and key up events, where each message represented a single key's change. With USB, each message represents the complete state of the keyboard. Up to any 6 keys may be pressed at once, plus any combination of the 8 modifier keys.

Bandwidth - Less Than You Might Expect

USB Keyboard speed is limited to 500 keystrokes per second, and some operating systems may limit the speed to only 62.5 keystrokes per second. There is nothing you can do about these limits. Reading the rest of this section will only help you understand why they exist.

The HID protocol is used by USB keyboards, and HID uses the USB "interrupt" transfer type, which allocates 1 packet per a configurable number of USB frames. Each USB frame is 1ms, and the Teensyduino USB keyboard code requests the interval to be every frame. If the operating system honors this request, bandwidth is available for 1000 packets per second.

Each keystroke requires 2 calls to Keyboard.send_now(), the first to press the key and the second to release it. This translates to 500 keystrokes per second. Of course, you can send 10 different keys in each, but logic inside the USB device driver will analyze for changes, which imposes a practical limit, especially when sending to already-written software which expects "normal" typing.

Some operating systems might disregard the request and instead schedule 1 packet every 8 frames. At 16ms each, only 62.5 keystrokes per second are possible.

Some software, even when running on a multi-gHz, multi-core processor may perform so much work per keystroke (or be written so infficiently), that sending at such "fast" speeds could overwhelm the computer. You might need to add extra delays.

USB keyboard is slow. If you need substantial bandwidth, use USB serial.

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Mouse and Key Recorder v4.0 serial key or number

Macro Recorder - Version history

This is the release history for both Macro Recorder and Macro Recorder LITE

Stay up to date with our latest releases and subscribe to this RSS feed or subscribe to version updates by Email or follow it on Twitter

Macro Recorder 5.8.0 released 1/15/2016

  • Restored the EXE compiler

Macro Recorder 5.7.10 released 1/12/2016

  • Unfortunately, we had to remove the EXE compiler because of antivirus false-positives

Macro Recorder 5.7.9 released 12/18/2015

  • Anti-virus false-positive fixed

Macro Recorder 5.7.8 released 3/14/2015

  • merge
  • Fixes some left-hand mouse issues
  • Improved security
  • Escaping colon correctly when saving a macro
  • Fixed upgrade link
  • Resizable and scrollable "C-Sharp code" editor
  • "Set clipboard value - prompt user" - option to specify the prompt text
  • Keyboard shortcuts for advanced recording tools
  • UI improvements in the "insert" menu
  • No more annoying auto-scroll after pasting

Macro Recorder 5.7.7 released 8/24/2014

  • Fixed lots of issues with "Execute C#" command
  • Improved copy/paste when editing ("find image" was not being pasted)
  • Fixed coordinates on High DPI displays

Macro Recorder 5.7.6 released 7/7/2014

  • Support for high resolution (4k) displays

Macro Recorder 5.7.5 released 7/1/2014

  • "Find image" and "If image" now support search region (area to search within)
  • NEW COMMAND: "Wait while cursor is hourglass"
  • Pretty icons
  • "Play X times" now has a "play" button, not "ok"
  • Watch if macro changed by external program, prompt to reload.
  • Macro launcher - sizable window, updated icons
  • Keyboard shortcut for "play X times"
  • Other bug fixes

Macro Recorder 5.7.4 released 3/28/2014

  • Longer waits (up to 1,000,000 milliseconds) in "wait for window", "wait for process" etc
  • UI-fixes
  • Startup version updater now works async, without blocking main thread
  • Maximize/Minimize/Normal window state in the "move/resize window" command

Macro Recorder 5.7.3 released 3/9/2014

  • Fixed serial expiration date
  • Added "Lock workstation" option to the "Shutdown" command
  • IF/REPEAT indentation fix
  • New menu item "calculate total duration" of selected commands (sum delays). Context menu fixes.

Macro Recorder 5.7.2 released 2/13/2014

  • Minor auto-updater fix
  • Visual indentation for REPEAT and IF command blocks

Macro Recorder 5.7.1 released 1/1/2014

  • Reorder items in EDIT menu
  • Old serial numbers fix

Macro Recorder 5.7.0 released 12/1/2013

  • Bulk-edit coordinates in the selection (shift by X or Y)
  • When opening Macro in Explorer - switch to macro-recorder (if it's already running) and load the file
  • Fixed - cannot open macro scheduler if "autoplay" and "autoclose" settings are set.
  • Scheduling macros "every X hours X minutes"
  • Small fix - opening macro from curr. dir may lead to path errors later
  • AutoUpdater fixes. 1) Do not prompt for updates 5 days if user chose this 2) first check for updates then check serial expiratin
  • PASTING and IMPORTING MACRO now occurs AFTER the currently selected cmd
  • If there's a selection - paste command deletes selected items
  • pasting fixes
  • Add new command refactoring + optimization
  • Fixed error with bulk add
  • Undo/Redo engine Paste/Import improvements
  • "Find" engine. (find a command in a macro by entering a filename, label text, comment text, window title, coordinates, anything)
  • Auto-updater now DOWNLOADS and RUNS the new version installer.

Macro Recorder 5.6.6 released 10/25/2013

  • No check for updates when autoplay is in progress
  • Fixed delays in EXE files
  • Security improvements
  • When capturing image from screen - don't move mouse to bottom-right corner, causes windows to hide
  • Removed "blink" after finishing an autostarted playback
  • Prompt user for the value to store in clipboard
  • Playback "X out of Y times" label-text
  • Slightly redesigned toolbar (play/record dropdowns), new "Play X times" menu element
  • Recent files fix, "clear recent files" menu item
  • Bulk-edit coordinates in the selection (shift the whole macro by X or Y)

Macro Recorder released 8/20/2013

  • Fixed the bug with delays in EXE files

Macro Recorder 5.6.5 released 6/30/2013

  • Alt Tab automation now works in Windows 8 as well!
  • Installer improvements

Macro Recorder 5.6.4 released 6/2/2013

Macro Recorder 5.6.3 released 5/8/2013

  • Fixed "mouse for lefties" setting
  • Show an error when macro path exceeds 256 chars in "play another macro" command
  • Loop iteration counter now resets when you jump out of the loop using GOTO command
  • New setting - do not restore mouse position after playback
  • Possible fix for find image similarity coefficient
  • Compiled EXE files now respect global playback speed settings

Macro Recorder 5.6.0 released 2/11/2013

  • More Windows 8 fixes, and ALL antivirus false-positives are finally fixed
  • Macro-recording timer precision set to 2 ms (since playback ignores timeouts

Macro Recorder 5.5.5 released 12/23/2012

  • Fixed occasional crashes when offline
  • Reworked serial-number engine. Fixes slow startup in Windows 8

Macro Recorder 5.5.3 released 12/12/2012

  • Fixed toolbars position when Windows Task Bar is on the left
  • Repeat random number of times (fixes #85)
  • tiny radio button aligment fix
  • Fixed occasional crashes when offline

Macro Recorder 5.5.0 released 10/28/2012

  • Correct "play/record" toolbar positioning if windows taskbar is configured to be at the top.
  • Macro scheduler
  • Updated manual

Macro Recorder 5.4.10 released 10/21/2012

  • Fixes #68 - "open file" command runs twice sometimes

Macro Recorder 5.4.9 released 10/19/2012

  • Larger delay randomizer field (up to 3 hours randomize delay)
  • Command line support (/a and /c switches), updated docs
  • Minor improvements and fixes

Macro Recorder 5.4.8 released 10/15/2012

  • Fixes #78 (single-instance app reworked, caused problems on Windows 8)
  • Fixes #76 (cannot select region under the "Select region" text)
  • Correct "are you sure you want to record over existing" message-box suppression
  • Fixed relative-coordinates macro replay (SmartREC)
  • Possible minor fix for the "showdialog" error
  • Fixed the "IF image" bug when testing the command after playing a macro (fixes #80). Fixed incorrect auto-closing the play-bar (when not necessary).

Macro Recorder 5.4.7 released 9/25/2012

  • Fixed - single-instance app errors on some Windows 8 machines
  • Fixed - cannot select region under the "Select region" text in image-commands
  • Correct "are you sure you want to record over existing" message-box suppression
  • Fixed relative-coordinates macro replay (SmartREC)

Macro Recorder 5.4.6 released 9/5/2012

  • Saving window position fixed
  • New icon
  • New "tools" menu item - "Restart as administrator". Other minor fixes.
  • Fixed some typos in the UI

Macro Recorder 5.4.5 released 7/23/2012

  • Playback settings - repeat number fixed
  • Resizable startup screen - to see recently recorded macros with long paths
  • "Exit loop" command fixes, now it properly resets the loop-counter so "if iteration" commands work correctly
  • MOD check for the "IF Current iteration equals" command
  • If "hide macro-player" setting is ON, the player is still shown when you pause macro playback, for convenience
  • Option to remove the macro-recording confirmation that prompts to save changes

Macro Recorder 5.4.3 released 5/24/2012

  • Minor bugfixes
  • Improved against A/V false positive alerts
  • "Pause playback on mouse move" - lower sensitivity
  • Macro Recorder window does not take focus after playback is finished if the setting "hide playback window" is ON

Macro Recorder 5.4.2 released 3/29/2012

  • New command - move/resize window
  • Minor UI improvements in command-editing forms

Macro Recorder 5.4.1 released 3/20/2012

  • File-copy command improvements and fixes
  • Image-finder commands now have "similarity" coefficient

Macro Recorder 5.4.0 released 3/7/2012

  • Fix: crash when aborting macro played via HotkeyLauncher
  • Empty-clipboard fix
  • Settings-dialog UI fixes, new option "play/rec toolbars on the right side"
  • Fix: "wait for process" command-editor bug
  • Signing the macro-launcher executable to prevent AV false-positive.
  • Fixed the double-clicking bug on the macro-recording toolbar
  • Option to "randomize" mouse position
  • "If File Exists" command now understands wildcard patterns, not just exact file names
  • Typos corrected in the UI and user-manual
  • Allowing tilde, dot and other "special" symbols for hotkey assignments

Macro Recorder 5.3.13 released 1/6/2012

  • Clipboard commands fix
  • fix - IF IMAGE command now has an option to move mouse to the image
  • Fixes the "prompt for number of repeats" crash.
  • Fixed error loading some scripts
  • "Wait for user" fixed (thread safe hotkeys)
  • Repeat-counter improvements
  • fix - correct IF IMAGE command saving
  • Fix - messagebox-commands on top
  • fix - main form still shown when launching macros from command line)
  • fix - crash when aborting macro played via HotkeyLauncher

Macro Recorder 5.3.10 released 12/23/2011

  • Async macros-replay playback thread, smooth progress-bar updating while playing
  • Restored playback counter on the toolbar

Macro Recorder 5.3.9 released 12/5/2011

  • "Capture current position" hotkey for the mouse-command editor
  • "EXIT-loop" command fix
  • Recent files list order fix
  • Performance improvements, UI tweaks

Macro Recorder released 11/2/2011

  • Progress-bar when playing macro
  • Aborting EXE-macros fixed
  • Wait for window command fixed
  • "Find image" command improved A LOT

Macro Recorder 5.3.8 released 10/1/2011

  • "Paste from clipboard" command
  • Color-picker in pixel-commands
  • Selecting a rectangle for "find pixel" command
  • Memory leaks fixes
  • "Select commands by type" feature
  • Correctly opens macros from VERY old versions (3.xx etc)
  • User-interface improvements

Macro Recorder 5.3.4 released 9/18/2011

  • Fixed pixel-command performance
  • New feature - setting mouse coordinates "relative to current mouse position" and recording mouse offsets instead of actual coordinates
  • Improved manual
  • Mouse macro editor improved, "click" & ""right-click artificial commands
  • UI improvements (buttons enable/disable), new feature (recording appends to a macro)
  • Fixed "play the whole macro then record" feature
  • Improved updater
  • New macro command - 'If pixel NOT equals'
  • Custom prompt-message for a number of repeats in the repeat command
  • "Exit loop" command fixes
  • Preventing the "same label name" warning when playing nested macros

Macro Recorder released 8/25/2011

  • Faster macro-playing performance
  • Smaller download size
  • Fixed saving Macro Recorder's main window position

Macro Recorder 5.3.0 released 8/18/2011

  • Lots of minor improvements
  • New improved interface (design, icons)
  • Performance improvements, less files and libraries required, etc

Macro Recorder released 7/10/2011

  • Improved drag-n-drop operations in the macro-commands list
  • The welcome-screen can now be re-enabled in "settings" dialog
  • Image-commands improvements

Macro Recorder released 7/8/2011

  • Type text compiling to EXE - fixed
  • Improved "IF Clipboard" command - now it does not trim the entered text, so you can match spaces and carriage-returns

Macro Recorder released 6/30/2011

  • Mouse wheel recording fixes
  • Find pixel improvements
  • New command - "IF IMAGE found"
  • Hotkey validation added to the settings-dialog
  • New type of keyboard command - "KeyPress" (along with KeyUp and KeyDown)

Macro Recorder 5.2.0 released 6/24/2011

  • New awesome command - "Find image on the screen"
  • "Run as administrator" option for the "open file" command
  • UI improvements
  • Fixed "find pixel" crashes on some machines
  • Lets of minor improvements throughout the program

Macro Recorder released 5/26/2011

  • More compatibility improvements for the Keyboard simulator (Remote Desktop, Citrix etc)

Macro Recorder released 5/22/2011

  • Fixed saving/loading "Wait For Process" macro command
  • Added "timeout" setting to the "Wait for user" command
  • Fixed the "randomize delay" feature
  • "Repeat X times" can now take th number of repeats from clipboard

Macro Recorder released 5/18/2011

  • Fixed randomizing delay
  • Minor UI-improvements

Macro Recorder released 5/10/2011

  • Regexs in comparison commands are case-insensitive now
  • New feature - Pause macro recording
  • Some Macro Launcher fixes

Macro Recorder 5.1.2 released 5/4/2011

  • Resolved the "sending keystrokes to Remote Desktop" issue
  • Added new command "type environment variable"
  • Some minor fixes

Macro Recorder released 4/23/2011

  • Citrix improvements
  • UI-improvements ("settings" dialog)
  • No unneeded warnings "failed to register hotkey"
  • Clipboard improvements
  • Enabling/disabling hotkeys in Macro Launcher
  • New command: Increment clipboard
  • New command: IF Windows in focus
  • Preventing "sticky-key" issue

Macro Recorder 5.1.1 released 4/14/2011

  • "Nice" error message when playing a macro with more than one label with the same name
  • Resolves antivirus false-positives

Macro Recorder 5.1.0 released 4/9/2011

  • Citrix-compatible keyboard automation - sends keystrokes recognized by the terminal
  • Macro file-association fix
  • Comment-command saving fixed
  • "Test the IF-statement" button for all "IF" commands in a macro
  • Allows negative mouse-coordinates (for mouse-recording on multiple monitors)
  • Hotkey-macro-launcher "start-minimized" fixes
  • Performance and memory improvements
  • Lots of minor bug-fixes and improvements in the Macro Recorder engine

Macro Recorder 5.0.3 released 3/9/2011

  • Playback settings are now compiled to the EXE file
  • Type-text command improvements
  • "If iteration equals" command fixes, "Set clipboard" command fixes
  • EXE-compiler improvements
  • Playback-record keyboard shortcuts now allow single-key hotkeys
  • Clipboard fixes
  • Hotkey launcher fixed (was not starting macros when minimized)
  • Delay command editor improvements
  • "Settings" form improvements
  • "Goto" command fixes
  • Performance improvements - copy-paste speed, import macro speed etc etc
  • Added a startup form
  • Fixed opening macros from command line
  • Macro playback can now be aborted while "Wait for user" command is executing
  • Delay command fixes
  • Lots of minor improvements

Macro Recorder 5.0.2 released 2/23/2011

  • All-new engine
  • Auto-updater
  • Secure code signature
  • Lots of bug-fixes

Macro Recorder 4.71 released 11/11/2010

  • Minor UI-improvements
  • Minor performance improvements
  • Fixed: when the recording process was aborted with a key combination, keyboard sometimes stays locked after playback

Macro Recorder 4.70 released 10/31/2010

  • "Hide playing box" setting fixed
  • The default "abort" key is changed from Scroll-Lock to Ctrl+Q
  • Correct hotkey display on the "recording" window
  • Trial is now 40 days
  • The "if pixel color" commandcan now work with relative coordinates
  • Minor UI-improvements

Macro Recorder 4.69 released 8/19/2010

  • Play buttons are disabled if there are no commands in a macro
  • Random delay event (the long awaited feature is finally here)
  • Exit confirmation now properly prompts for unsaved macro
  • Fixed the "failed to register hotkeys" message when hotkeys are set to "None", fixed the play-box text
  • Saving an empty file - fixed
  • Minor interface improvements

Macro Recorder 4.68 released 8/2/2010

  • Step-by-step playback
  • Option to specify delays in hour:minutes:seconds rather than milliseconds
  • The "IF Clipboard" command now has an option "greater than"
  • New command "set clipboard value"
  • Fixed the Macro Launcher error "Your key is not valid"

Macro Recorder 4.67 released 7/18/2010

  • Compiled exe-s now also show the blue "playing" box
  • Compiled exe-macros now allow pausing and aborting with the same hotkeys
  • "Type text" and "type date" commands improved
  • Performance improvements
  • Improved installer, smaller file size
  • Speedy replays are now more accurate

Macro Recorder 4.66 released 6/25/2010

  • Fixed the occasional "failed registering hotkeys" error after launching a macro via shell-open

Macro Recorder 4.65 released 6/19/2010

  • Fixed the "Play another macro" command

Macro Recorder 4.64 released 6/13/2010

  • Compiled exe-s now also show the blue "playing" box
  • Compiled exe-macros now allow pausing and aborting with the same hotkeys
  • "Type text" and "type date" commands improved
  • Performance improvements
  • Improved installer, smaller file size
  • Speedy replays are now more accurate

Macro Recorder 4.63 released 6/4/2010

  • Fixed EXE-compiler
  • Performance improvements

Macro Recorder 4.62 released 5/31/2010

  • Improved performance
  • New command - "Find Pixel by Color"
  • Infinite wait for window
  • Infinite wait for process

Macro Recorder 4.61 released 4/30/2010

  • Improved installer
  • New command - Play a saved macro
  • Improved performance

Macro Recorder 4.6 released 1/23/2010

  • Possible antivirus false alarms eliminated
  • New command - "wait for ANY user activity"
  • Lots of inner improvements, new architecture
  • Macro Launcher now also shows the "playback" status window on top

Macro Recorder 4.53 released 1/20/2010

  • Correct "swapped mouse buttons" processing for left-handed users

Macro Recorder 4.52 released 11/28/2009

  • Fixed "your key is not valid for this version" error when starting Macro Launcher
  • Fixed the "copy-file" command editor
  • "Play" button added to Macro Launcher
  • General Macro Launcher improvements

Macro Recorder 4.51 released 11/20/2009

  • Fixed: when Microsoft Security Essentials real-time protection is on, Macro Recorder started too long
  • Performance optimizations
  • Correct shortcut displaying on the playback-bar

Macro Recorder 4.5 released 11/2/2009

  • New command - "Clear Clipboard"
  • Commenting your macros (new command type = "comment")
  • Fixed displaying the "Copy file" commands in the list

Macro Recorder 4.41 released 10/2/2009

  • Fixed nested-IF processing in a macro

Macro Recorder 4.4 released 8/12/2009

  • New commands: If Process Exists and Wait for process to start/stop
  • Handy feature to hide the main window, when picking a color for the "IF Pixel Color Equals" command

Macro Recorder 4.34 released 7/23/2009

  • The "If Window Exists" command now allows working with dialog windows and messageboxes
  • New command - "Exit Loop"

Macro Recorder 4.33 released 7/13/2009

  • Improved "recent files" engine
  • Fixed load error on some machines when opening the 1st macro
  • Performance improvements

Macro Recorder 4.32 released 6/19/2009

  • Fixed error "424 object required" when opening macros

Macro Recorder 4.3 released 5/20/2009

  • Mouse coordinates tracked on mouse-command form
  • New command - "If pixel color equals"
  • Recent files list
  • "If clipboard contains" (along with "equals")
  • "If current iteration" works for inner loops now

Macro Recorder 4.24 released 4/21/2009

  • Precise timing when recording a macro
  • "File copy" command added
  • Improved interface
  • Minor bug fixes

Macro Recorder 4.23 released 4/4/2009

  • Block input during playback
  • Improved performance
  • New statement "Clipboard NOT equals"
  • Nice exe-file icon
  • Configurable "abort playback" hotkey for the macro launcher application

Macro Recorder 4.22 released 2/15/2009

  • Middle Mouse button recording
  • Horizontal Wheel recording
  • "Click at current mouse position" mouse command option
  • Performance improvements

Macro Recorder 4.2 released 12/14/2008

  • "Delete file" command
  • Wildcards in the "Close window" command
  • Returning the mouse to the original position after playback is finished
  • Improved launcher UI

Macro Recorder 4.1 released 3/20/2008

  • Improved "IF current iteration equals" when used inside nested loops

Macro Recorder 4.0 released 3/12/2008

  • New command "dial a connection"
  • Improved repeater-command
  • Minor GUI improvements
  • Optional pause macro playback, when a user moves a mouse

Macro Recorder 3.86 released 2/4/2008

  • Fixed recording Shift+Arrow keystrokes under Vista
  • Switch to windows command now understands * and ? wildcards
  • improved performance

Macro Recorder 3.85 released 12/10/2007

  • Macro Recorder's "WAIT FOR WINDOW" and "IF WINDOWS EXISTS" commands now accept asterisks and question marks as wildcards in window names
  • New menu command - "Edit macro in Notepad"
  • Improved window positioning

Macro Recorder 3.83 released 11/8/2007

  • Repeat command option to ask the user, how many times to repeat
  • Fixed context-menu positioning on the list of macro commands
  • Improved mouse recording engine

Macro Recorder 3.82 released 9/17/2007

  • Fixed incorrect loading of "WAIT FOR WINDOW" macros
  • Mouse macro editor can now get current mouse coordinates (easier editing)
  • Crashing when entering an empty serial number
  • more minor improvements

Macro Recorder 3.8 released 8/13/2007

  • Redesigned timing architecture
  • Save window position
  • Correct GOTO-statement processing in exe-compiler
  • Fixed settings-dialog

Macro Recorder 3.74 released 8/10/2007

  • "ELSE" statement
  • "If Windows exists" statement
  • "Play To cursor" feature
  • many general improvements

Macro Recorder 3.7 released 7/9/2007

  • "\n" fix in the "Type Text" macro command
  • right-left mouse recorder clicks fixed
  • Check for previous instance of Macro Recorder
  • AutoStart option for Macro Recorder Hotkey Launcher
  • "Bulk Edit Timeouts" feature
  • Improved GUI under Vista

Macro Recorder 3.66 released 4/6/2007

  • Fixed record/replay macros of the "Shift+arrow" key combination (when selecting text)

Macro Recorder 3.64 released 2/6/2007

  • Fixed small error when loading a saved macro with "IF CLIPBOARD EQUALS" conditional statement
  • Added "Assign Macro to Hotkey" menu item

Macro Recorder 3.63 released 1/24/2007

  • Vista support
  • "REPEAT X TIMES" statement
  • Hotkey Launcher minor errors fixed
  • "Now Playing" box does not hide the top-positioned taskbar
  • Window startup position
  • Longer trial period

Macro Recorder 3.61 released 12/2/2006

  • Added "Delay" command
  • Many minor improvements throughout the program

Macro Recorder 3.6 released 10/27/2006

  • New strongly improved exe-compiler generates smaller optimized executables
  • New IF conditional statement - "IF clipboard text equals"

Macro Recorder 3.58 released 9/18/2006

  • Fixed high CPU load when waiting for a window to appear
  • Window operations are now available for dialog and tool windows also
  • Macros message-boxes are displayed above all
  • Switch-command restores a window if minimized
  • more...

Macro Recorder 3.57 released 7/11/2006

  • Improved text-typing command
  • Fixed the error when a mouse-disabled keystroke macro recording is aborted with a button-click
  • "Launch a file" command improved

Macro Recorder 3.56 released 7/6/2006

  • Fixed the small disappointing bug in the EXE-compiler, which stealthily seeped into the previous build.
  • Added "command-line parameters" option to the "file open" command

Macro Recorder 3.54 released 7/4/2006

  • Optimized backend operations
  • New "Type text" command and "system time" printing in a customizable format
  • Improved EXE-builder

Macro Recorder 3.52 released 6/27/2006

  • Lowered CPU load during loops and timeouts
  • New events are inserted after the selection - easier editing
  • File-import issue fixed

Macro Recorder 3.5 released 6/4/2006

  • IF / ENDIF statements support!
  • Interface improvements
  • Improved EXE-compiler
  • Optimized performance

Macro Recorder 3.48 released 5/12/2006

  • Aborting a macro during a "wait for user" command resulted in malfunction
  • Multiline message-boxes fixed
  • Performance issues

Macro Recorder 3.47 released 4/28/2006

  • Dependency on Microsoft Scripting Runtime eliminated

Macro Recorder 3.46 released 4/24/2006

  • Added "WAIT FOR USER INPUT" command
  • Fixed 100% CPU load during pause
  • Improved interface

Macro Recorder 3.45 released 4/15/2006

  • Introducing SMART-Rec macro recording technology: record and replay your mouse moves in an intelligent way
  • "Move Up/Down" feature: rearrange your commands
  • EXE-builder is now available to be tested in the trial version
  • All settings are unblocked in the trial version

Macro Recorder 3.4 released 4/10/2006

  • Added global ("system-wide") keyboard-shortcuts for Record, Play/Pause/Resume actions
  • Added "File - New" menu item
  • Improved Macro Recorder manual/tutorial
  • and more...

Macro Recorder 3.3 released 4/1/2006

  • Hotkey Macro Launcher tool included in the package: binding macros to hotkeys
  • General file I/O improvements

Macro Recorder 3.22 released 3/30/2006

  • Significantly improved playback performance
  • Fixed malfunctioning when a paused macro is being aborted

Macro Recorder 3.2 released 3/23/2006

  • "Switch to a window" command added
  • "Replay/close" buttons are displayed after playback
  • The current macro file name is displayed in Macro Recorder's title bar
  • "Stop recording" button click is not recorded any more

Macro Recorder 3.18 released 3/18/2006

  • Fixed keystroke crash after intensive activity on Win XP SP2
  • Main menu keyboard navigation improved

Macro Recorder 3.17 released 3/9/2006

  • Mouse wheel support in mouse recorder
  • New custom commands

Macro Recorder 3.15 released 2/24/2006

  • Added feature to hide the blue "playing macro..." box.
  • Improved GUI (XP-themes) for the Settings dialog

Macro Recorder 3.12 released 2/14/2006

  • Added "Ignore timeouts" playback option
  • Other macro-playback improvements

Macro Recorder 3.1 released 1/27/2006

  • Fixed overflow crash when recording a macro with very large timeouts

Macro Recorder 3.0 released 1/23/2006

  • Fully reworked user interface of Macro Recorder (Office-2003 style)
  • Shutdown/reboot/logoff command added
  • Fixed a minor bug when a single-command macro is being aborted

Macro Recorder 2.55 released 12/29/2005

  • Added "GOTO", "LABEL" and more statements
  • Checking if a window exists
  • "Launch website", "Message box" and more commands
  • Tons of minor improvements

Macro Recorder 2.51 released 12/15/2005

  • "Spy mode" option: the red "recording" label is not shown when recording a macro

Macro Recorder 2.5 released 12/9/2005

  • All new improved macro-recording/playback engine

Macro Recorder 2.4 released 11/24/2005

  • Text import feature added
  • Resizable window
  • Merging recorded macros files
  • Optimized EXE-files compiler
  • Updated Macro Recorder manual (scheduling tutorial)

Macro Recorder 2.31 released 11/7/2005

  • Auto-shutdown feature added: when a macro is opened from windows-shell or command prompt, Macro Recorder can shut down itself after playback if finished

Macro Recorder 2.3 released 11/3/2005

  • GUI improvements
  • EXE-file export: compiling a recorded macro to a standalone program
  • Separate keyboard and mouse recording option

Macro Recorder 2.2 released 10/23/2005

  • Auto-play option: automatically playing macros opened from command prompt
  • Recording GUI bug fixed
  • Updated Macro Recorder manual

Macro Recorder 2.0 released 10/4/2005

  • Advanced macro editor added
  • Context menu added, clipboard support
  • Manually adding macro-commands to the list
  • Looping playback
  • Windows-shell intergation and scheduling macro recorder files

Macro Recorder - the best macro program for Windows. Not just a keyboard and mouse recorder but a powerful automation tool that converts macros to EXE files and more.

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