The Movies (PC Game) serial key or number

The Movies (PC Game) serial key or number

The Movies (PC Game) serial key or number

The Movies (PC Game) serial key or number

Movies (PC, 2005)

The Movies

Around middle 2007, I became interested in film as a serious branch of art for people to display their aptitude for emotion, people direction, writing, and decor and compositionary designing. Otherwise known as acting, directing, screenwriting, art directing, and shooting a movie. Since then, my enthusiasm has grown exponentially. Eventually, it would make sense that not only would someone have enthusiasm for viewing an art form, but making it as well. To partially quote the Bible, "it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle", than to get a film project finished. Therefore, I searched for some easier way for someone without any connections to make some sort of movie. I found this in the game, "The Movies". I bought this game having played a friend's copy earlier and falling in love with the idea. I would say that this game gives you an unprecedented amount of control over your product, even providing you with camera moves and character moments you might not have thought about before. The negatives are nagging. There is no concrete way to ensure continuity in your script, unless you are serious enough to write it out on paper outside of the game. The biggest lack? At the start of a new project, you are provided with certain choices as per the genre of your movie. First of all, it is personally insulting to be required to restrict your movie to a certain genre. Unless, of course, you want to make a strictly genre movie, which I'm not interested in in the least bit. Second, the genre choices are as follows: romance, sci-fi, action, horror. Where is the drama? Drama is the ultimate movie genre from which all others derive. Preferably, a drama remains a drama whether it has action, science fiction or romance elements. Alas, "The Movies" is not concerned whether a psuedo-auteur has the options he wants. The title says it all. It's not called, "Film", "Plot", "Directing", or even "Drama". This is about "The Movies". Most of the time spent playing is in making a new project. Most of the actual focus of the game is on owning your own film studio. You are forced into banal chores such as assigning directors and actors to your assorted projects starting up. Making sure the facilities are up to date, and making decisions based on budgetry limitations. This is something I abhor, being of the theory that an artist should be able to work of his own accord, regardless of budget, time, or other things. Most directors don't mind small budgets anyway. Back to the game, it is boring dealing with the money and construction and people and bathrooms. Then again, you could treat that as an artistic vision in and of itself, if you are interested in that sort of thing. I am not. All in all, if you desperately want to test out your ineptness with coherent filmmaking (and everyone is inept for at least the first movie), this game is worth the buy even if you have to wade through boring capitalist financial gaming first before you can truly create. Go ahead, buy it.Read full review

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, The Movies (PC Game) serial key or number
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I have CD but No Product key. Help please.
So I bought a copy of "The Movies" from Lionhead Studios at a thrift store today.... I usually wouldnt bother with opened/second hand PC games as there is the issue of product keys.. However The Movies is an old game and 1.) I wasnt sure if it would require one. And 2.) you cannot buy a new physical copy or a digital download anywhere. It is not commercially available at all. It used to be on Steam but it was removed.. I think because the devs didnt want to support it anymore. So long story short this is a game I have wanted for a long time and decided to take a chance with it. I got it for $3.00.

So sadly after trying to install it asks for a product key which unfortunately was not included.

Would this game be considered abandonware since it is no longer supported or commercially sold?

Thanks.. I'm not a begger.. Just dont want to do anything illegal and really dont know how to get around this legally.
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The Movies (PC Game) serial key or number

How do I activate my game using a product key?

Many recent Feral games require activation using a unique code before they can be played. This code is referred to as a Product Key.

Games which do not require activation using a Product Key are:

  • Games purchased from Apple’s Mac App Store.
  • Games purchased from Steam. *

* You can also purchase Steam games through the Feral Store and other vendors. These have a slightly different method of activation. For more information on this, please see the Steam game FAQ point.

For all other games, you must enter your Product Key into the six empty boxes in the Activation tab in the pre-game Options window in order to activate the game.

If you have bought the DVD version of the game

  • The Product Key is printed on the back of the game's manual.

  • Be careful to type it correctly, and be aware that sometimes numbers and letters can look similar, for example, "B" and "8".

If you have downloaded the game

  • The Product Key should have been emailed to you by the vendor that sold you the game.

  • We advise that you copy the code from the email and paste it into the Activation tab. This method will avoid any potential input errors. To do this:

    1. Highlight the Product Key and copy it using the key command Command (⌘) + C.
    2. Click the Paste button to the right of the six empty boxes in the Activation tab to transfer the Product Key.
  • If you did not receive a Product Key, contact the vendor.

The Save button below the six empty boxes will only become active once the correct code has been entered. If it remains greyed-out, the entered code is incorrect.

If you have bought the game on DVD, you have the option of playing the game with the disc in the drive rather than activating it online.

If you have downloaded the game, or if you have the DVD version and would rather play without the disc in the drive, click the Activate Online... button. This will send the code to Feral and enable your machine to play the downloaded version of the game, or play without the disc in the drive.

Each Product Key can be used to activate the game on 5 machines at any one time, and should not be distributed to anyone else.

You may wish to deactivate your game at a later date. For more information and instructions on how to do this, please see the “How do I deactivate my game?” FAQ point.

If you have entered the correct code and are still unable to activate the game, contact us through

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