Quarterdeck Mosaic v2.0 Win serial key or number

Quarterdeck Mosaic v2.0 Win serial key or number

Quarterdeck Mosaic v2.0 Win serial key or number

Quarterdeck Mosaic v2.0 Win serial key or number

Serials [P-Q-R]

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PacerForum (mac) : (5 Users) B-6MX00096002114
PacerTerm 1.0 (mac) : B-43C78920099091
PageMaker 6.0 (mac) : 02W-600R116964-699
Pagemaker NL v5.0 for Windows : 02-50C8-100094310
PageMaker v5.0 : 03-4005-200136599
Pagemaker v6.0 : 03-5025-303224614
Pagemaker v6.5 : 03w650r7104326-845
PageMaster for Windows 95 : name/John T. Reidy #/3944-1536-509
PageMill 1.0 (mac) : APW100R3100001-010-555
Pagemill 2.0 Final Release : MLW200R7139069-780
PageNow 1.0 (mac) : 800430000000
Paint Alchemy 2.0 (mac) : 100110000000
Paint Pal Paint : 9201-KA10455
Painter 3.0 (mac) : PM999RAZ9999999-GFLB-999
Painter v3.0 : PW300RAZ0002435-KRNH-001
Painter v4.0 : PW300RAZ0002607-EANY-001
Paint Shop Pro 4 : #/pww305b7110400-168 betacode/f17479d251e51aa7d1d3eb7bfd7f3dee
PalaDin v2.2 (1) : name/You! bbs/G.!.$ #/5565924
PalaDin v2.2 (2) : name/2U! bbs/G.!.$ #/3241692
PalinDome Storage Netware Manager v4.0 : 011mx100000
Panorama II : 1-27835-XQVGEBC
Panoramic Utils v1.1 : 111-976-0001513-01
PANTONE ColorDrive 1.0 (mac) : PCDM-100-01185
Paper Direct Templates v5.0 for CorelDraw Windows : 606771
Paper Direct Templates v5.0 for MS Word v6.0 for Windows : 608813
PaperMan v1.2 : 9583
Paper Master +v2.0 for Windows 95 : PM27177-110459 or PM81179-201259
Paperless Printer (mac) : 00011364CSGP
ParaDate v4.5 for ParaDox under Dos : 63069311
Paradise Slots v1.2 : 649513
Paradise Slots v1.4 for Windows 95 : 649513
ParaDox DataBase : 9010866-501
ParaDox Speller for Windows : CM55022999
ParaDox v3.0 for Dos : TA234C10564110
ParaDox v3.01 for Dos : DA233F10371285
ParaDox v4.0 for Windows : IA931A10158034
ParaDox v4.5 for Windows : IA931A10000162
Partition Magic v2.02 : RPMW200-023106
Partition Magic v3.0 : PM300EMU-032011 or PM300DEU-001538
Pasofami NES 2.5a : Name/tHATDUDE #/UBONODNA
Passport Producer 1.0 (mac) : PV1-0-01018-0580
Passport Rhapsody for Windows 95 : RV10-0-02028-3398
Passwords Plus v2.3: name/Riz la+ #/5Y9-ESMUHIU
Password Tracker Deluxe v3.30 : name/Mycerinus #/PT-281-333892
Patent It Yourself v1.2.E.1 : DE5939Q223 or ET5682H347 or RT6765F569 or NE9697R346
PB Tools (mac) : PB1310340
PC-DIC 4.0 for Internet (Korean) : DICBBZH6538
PC Anywhere v4.5 for DOS and Windows : PCDH4543IN
PC Auto Strecken Berater Netz (German) : 0000108995
PC Blackboard : (make file BLACK.REG wiht 3 line )
PC BlackBoard (02) : Line#1 name/TeLLeRBoP Line#2 board/G.!.$ Line#3 #/$=!=A6&lt;C7:4.23
PC BlackBoard (03) : Line#1 name/You! Line#2 board/G.!.$ Line#3 #/&C21+/-2P
PC Blox v2.0 : 080594
PC Board Professional v15.21 : 029617 or 051532
PC BuchHalter v1.01 for Windows (German) : 8848v5060295
PC Census v3.10 : 006773
PC Cillin '95 for Windows 95 : p5-001151 or p5-009851 or p5-005555 
PC Cillin '95 for Windows 95 (2) : p5-004657 or p5-003456 or p5-009953 
PC Cillin '95 for Windows 95 (3) : p5-002956 or p5-003858 or p1-033436
PC Cillin '97 : P1-033436 or T9-0002170 or T2-0026008
PC Doctor +v1.5 for Dos : 1139610360 or 2104328220
PC Doctor v1.0 : 1139610360
PC Doctor v1.5 for Dos : 1139610360 or 2104328220
PC Express v1.0 : bbs: G.!.$ name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: 1416632976
PC Express v1.0 (02) : bbs: G.!.$ name: TeLLeRBoP s/n: 1828538420 
PC Express v1.0 (03) : bbs: G.!.$ name: You! s/n: 1353667205
PC Express v1.18 : s/n: KTG05L?CRZJ13?015CUF?5K8FP5 BBSNAME: nOTRE dAME SYSOPNAME: Cosmic Harold
PC Express v1.18 (02) : s/n: @8JO9C3?@KSLDRK?43YTMJ?5K8FP5 BBSNAME: Bad Taste SYSOPNAME: Flynn
PC Express v1.18 (03) : s/n: @K3H0ST?@WOF4SV?@KKZJOX?5K8FP5 BBSNAME: +yla SYSOPNAME: MuHaDiB
PC Focus v5.55 : 1234567
PC Focus v6.01 -Dutch- or NL : 1732221
PC Gerber v5.12 for Dos : password: blastsoft
PC Mailer v1.0 for Windows : W410626
PC NFS v2.1 for Win-NT : 03413646000409
PC PaintBrush v5+ : ZPV10-00-26355S
PC Recipebox v2.51 : name/-= +ALI-BABA =- #/502459875
PC TCP Network v3.0 for DOS & Wind : s/n: 1990-1025-7300 key: 3751-6732-9871
PC TCP Network v3.0 for Dos and Windows : s/n: 1990-1025-7300 key: 3751-6732-9871
PC TCP Network v3.0 for DOS/Windows : #/1990-1025-7300 key/3751-6732-9871
PC TCP v1.1 for Windows and Dos : s/n: 3917-3337-0007 key: 3776-9499-4365
PC TCP/IP v3.0 for Windows : (edit PCTCP.INI under [pctcp kernel])
PC TCP/IP v3.0 for Windows (02) : line #1: serial-number = 1995-1995-0000 line #2: authentication-key = 3547-7666-3844
PC TCP/IP v3.0 for Windows (03) : line #1: serial-number = 1995-1995-0001 line #2: authentication-key = 6055-2673-4568
PC Tools v2.00 for Windows : 11-50-01415
PC Xware for Windows 95 : 103076
PCX-Ware : sn/040005 code/18748F03DA00
PCBCheck v3.23 : sysop: Me bbs: MCC s/n: 119233
PCBFV +v3.8 : name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: 6412274
PCBFV +v3.8 (2) : name: You! s/n: 13190092
PCBFV +v3.8 (3) : name: NoBoDy! s/n: 8672256 
PCBFV v3.8 : name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: 6412274
PCBFX +v2.2 : name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: 5204927
PCBFX +v2.2 (2) : name: You! s/n: 10483810
PCBFX +v2.2 (3) : name: NoBoDy! s/n: 6965169 
PCBFX v2.2 : name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: 5204927
PChat V1.21+ : name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL key: TRVAENVPCO16KUAOPMQV 
PChat V1.21+ (2) : name: You! key: IBEP0IQG5OMML8BJOSSK
PChat V1.21+ (3) : name: Nobody! key: CGIG0ACCEOLOAC9PC5EA 
PChat V1.21b : name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL key/ TRVAENVPCO16KUAOPMQV
PckWick PowerPack v4.0 /win : 5062180192v09
PcKwik Power Pak v3.11 : 304877327A07
PcKwik Power Pak v4.0 : 5051835972R09
PcKwik PowerPak for DOS v6.1 and v3.1 for Windows : 5062180192V09 
PCX-Dump 9.30 : name: mARQUIS 96 [uCF] s/n: MDS96A497DB981752
PCX-Dump v9.2 : name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: YTMARF03BD11B593D 
PCX-Dump v9.2 (2) : name: SoMeBoDy! s/n: YTMAR793AA94AB47A
PCX-Dump v9.2 (3) : name: Xxx! s/n: YTMAR34ECEF6CEA76
PCX-DumP v9.3 : name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: YTMARF03BD11B593D 
PCX-DumP v9.3 (2) : name: You! s/n: YTMARF7F2DED92B7D 
PCX-DumP v9.3 (3) : name: SoMeBoDy! s/n: YTMAR793AA94AB47A 
PeachTree Accounting for Windows : 9257595
PeachTree Accounting for Windows Version 3.0 : Serial No:9369058 Registration No:226746870
PeachTree Accounting v2.0 for Windows : 8004514
PeachTree Bank Account Manager : 3110652
PeachTree Complete Accounting v8.0 : 9005635 or 9006193
PeachTree First Accounting v1.0 for Windows : s/n: 9601255 p/w: 543726170
PeachTree v7.0 : 7807139
Pegleg 1.0.5 (mac) : 4-AD-3322-NRK-2
Perceive Personal v2.0 for Windows : POAL009956-F200
PerfectView NL v6.10 : PV-PAC61-NT260119
PerfectView v6.10 -Dutch- or NL : s/n: PV-PAC61-260159
PerFORM Filler Pro 1.0 (mac) : Serial/PROMAC3LFLR1127929306 Registration/501127 PMF
PerpeTual Calendar v2.0 for Windows : CM-11193
Personal Archiver for Windows 95 : ACD60807028
Personal Press (mac) : 2C91036
Personal Record Keeper v4.0.2e1 : name/ThE STaRDoGG CHaMPioN [PC] #/8529UJR535
Personal Stock Manager v2.51 : name/trackz comp/<anything> #/433505891648
Personal Stock Monitor v2.5 Final : name/NiTR8^ #/123275000476 or name/joung in chul #/121915821676
Personal TimeSheet v1.1 for Windows 95 : 1.0-10803209
Personal Translator v1.1 by IBM : A00195699
Persuasion 3.0 (mac) : 08-2009-000379488
Persuasion 4.0 : 09W123X523456-521
PGP v2.6? for Windows : first name: Ohm last name: MOD's KEY Generator s/n: 380259212
PharLap TNT 32 BIT DosExtender v6.0 : 27146
PharLap TNT 32 BIT DosExtender v7.0 : 30875
Pharm Assist for Windows : H11683
Phoenix Control for Windows : 102644
Phone Address Book v4.7 : name/SiLicon Surfer [PC] #/932195183-329
Phone Book Pro 97 v2.7 : name/CharlesMunns #/1418EA2EFD192F61C156A37A9C 
Phone Book Pro 97 v2.70.1 build 915 : name/Roberto S. Pareja #/4AD329E912F74E808E60A265B7S
Phone Deluxe v1.0 : HTW100R7106474-426 or HTW100R7108267-350
Phone Monitor v3.1 : w0-5a3w-4d1om-rt-ka5b3t-9hys
Phone Plus v1.1 : name/NiTR8^ #/1P1846152
PhoneWolf v1.01.001 : name/MCVD 1997 #/PH1-301056
PhoneWolf : name/Blackflag #/PH1-161055
Photo Deluxe v2.0 : HTW200R7112064-478
Photo Finish v3.0 for Windows : 42971192
Photo Impact v3.0 for Windows 95 : RAE30-961-83537 or RAE30-961-82589 
Photo Impact v3.0 for Windows 95 (2) : RAE30-962-95214 or RAE30-963-22912
Photo Impact v3.0 for Windows 95 (3) : RAE30-963-22495 or RAE30-963-22378
Photo Impact v3.0 for Windows 95 (Chinese) : RIC30-963-51439
PhotoLine32 v2.22 : 499932 875163293
PhotoMagic : PH1001LXX04526
PhotoMorph v2.00 : 306410
PhotoMorph v2.01 : 412655
PhotoPlus 1.0 for Windows : PPOHWAAPZG
PhotoShop Pro 3.04 and 3.05 : PWW300R3000011-926 or SPW300R3160854-818
PhotoShop Pro v4.0 : PWW400R30000011-880 or PWW250R3107069-312 or PWE400R7000353-293
PhotoSpot 2.0.2 (mac) : PS15-2500257
PhotoStyler v2.0 : 15-1001-000000001
PhotoStyler v2.0 for Windows : 15-1115-201108382
PhotoStyler v2.0 for Windows (2) : 15-2008-201748321
Physicians Desk Reference januari 1995 : PDR4-0000-3587
Physicians Desk Reference v3.6 may 1993 : 0193-5525-01269
Physik v2.0 : PHYSIK+V2.0WWW94
PicPress v3.6 : name/Saltine [PC] #/167449132
Picture Agent v2.6h : name/TRACY #/1710039
Picture Eze v1.0 : PEZ1010012942
Picture Publisher v4.0 : 0301001006108501 or 0301-5220-0204-9002
Picture Publisher v5.0 for Windows : NTA-NTA-01A
Picture This! for Windows : 100218
Picture Windows : C1001-34512-280
Pin Up Player v1.0.2 : name/Plushmm #/omnis
Piranha Panic v1.03 : name/TheBrabo #/443340072
Pix Folio v2.0.118 for Windows : s/n: 2X09AA001302 name: AZTECH NEW MEDIA CORP
Pixel Putty 1.5.1 (mac) : PP-001-214524
PixShow v3.0 : name/MCVD #/278-6823
PK Zip Power Menu v1.0 : PPM10000030005
PKKRatt for Windows : 12552
PKNLG v1.12+ : name: TwinHead [uCF] !96 s/n: 29C9D41B
Planet X 1.2.2 : yteyWZIwB5NPHeGF
Planets The Exploration of Space : 5874 or 4256 
Planets The Exploration of Space (2) : 3556 or 2171 
Planets The Exploration of Space (3) : 3899 or 8136 
Planix Home Architect v2.0 for Win95 : 90009-PH200
Platinum Desktop DBA v3.4.1 for Windows95/NT : s/n: 123456789012345 p/w: HBR0IJ2I5QJEI1ATQJJQWT
Player Pro 4.3 (mac) : 3400248
Pluck-It 3.0 1.0.8 : 631S19600W71
PluckIt-3 1.1.4 : 1202U57142R76
Plug-In +v2.60 for Windows(95) : s/n: 28860296 name: NEUROTIC
Plug-In +v2.60 for Windows(95) (2) : s/n: 51673856 name: Richard Johnston
Plug-In v2.60 for Windows(95) : s/n: 28860296 name: NEUROTIC or 
Plug-in v2.x for Windows : s/n: 51673856 name: Richard Johnston
Plugin v2.0 ( or vx.x) for Windows : 136-92031109
PM Disk Copy v2.2c for OS/2 : 5326-5961-DoH Enterprises
PM Patrol +v4.1 for OS/2 : s/n: AC6-E1 name: <anything you like>
PM Patrol +v4.1 for OS/2 (2) : s/n: 05K4E9880A name: **** Free License Copy ****
PM Patrol v4.1 for OS/2 : s/n: AC6-E1 name: <anything you like> or s/n: 05K4E9880A name: **** Free License Copy ****
PMComm +v2.33, 32 bit for OS/2 : s/n: 4618110594
PMMail +v1.5 for OS/2 : name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: 1098204025 or name: TeLLeRBoP s/n: 641297470
PMMail +v1.5 for OS/2 (2) : name: You! s/n: 1365932405 or name: Me! s/n: 4150479952
PMMail +v1.5 for OS/2 (3) : name: ???! s/n: 3696720232 or name: NoBoDy! s/n: 2775215445
Pointix v2.02+ : name/Steve Hsu id/000000000000 #/00000010
Poly/PM v3.0 for OS/2 : s/n: 30A9ISCA00334299981TZF teacher s/n: ISCA003342 pupil s/n: JSCA003342
PolyCalc for OS/2 : name: DoH Enterprises s/n: C039E5104C11888D
PolyView +v2.30+ for Windows 95 : name: Misha [UCF] s/n: 1919124148
PolyView +v2.30+ for Windows 95 (2) : name: tHE riDDLER [uCF] s/n: 2531786115 or name: BunteR s/n: 3748683037
PolyView 2.2x WIN95 : s/n: 2531786115 name: tHE riDDLER [uCF]
PolyView 2.x 32 Bit : Bit 2531786115
PolyView v2.9 : name/Steve Hsu #/663008997
PolyView v2.90.1 : name/TheBrabo #/2943189419
PolyView v3.0 beta 4 : name/El Barto/VERSUS #/626186100
POP3D v1.30 for OS/2 (128 users) : name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: 21410634 or name: TeLLeRBoP s/n: 26396774
POP3D v1.30 for OS/2 (128 users) (2) : name: Dark Wing s/n: 6872687 or name: Me! s/n: 5562895
POP3D v1.30 for OS/2 (128 users) (3) : name: You! s/n: 11129511 or name: 2U! s/n: 4089379
Pop It : popitnocrk
PopUp Calencar v2.05 : name/PhaNToM 98 #/125475 or name/Registered #/126397
PopUp Calencar v2.05 : name/Marilyn Monroe #/124092 or name/ALL MY FRIENDS #118560
PopUpFolder 2.0.1 (mac) : 13504-649669-120706
Ports of Call 2 : NAME: CEPHYR TOWN: MGETOWN SER#: -761360050
Poser 1.0.1 (mac) : FM100NAZ0002026-DYVN-001
Post It v2.0 (Dema) : name/TheBrabo #/AK79109826332461185
Post Road Mailer v1.02 for OS/2 : s/n: 010480
Post-It PopUp Notepad v3.0 : name: TwinHead [TWH/UCF] s/n: 2729
PosterWorks (mac) : 1883-BKHMEAFGHI
Power Management v2.02 for Dos and Windows : s/n: KWW687480
Power-Play Slots 95 v1.1 : 091305
Power PPL v2.0 : name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL last: G.!.$ s/n: 1883:232:1235 or name: TeLLeRBoP last: G.!.$ s/n: 1041:2 .
Power PPL v2.0 (02) : name: You! last: G.!.$ s/n: 550:232:286 or name: Me! last: G.!.$ s/n: 475:232:179
Power PPL v2.0 (03) : name: NoBoDy! last: G.!.$ s/n: 788:232:492 or name: ????! last: G.!.$ s/n: 517:232:285
Power Translator Deluxe v1.0 (Spanish-English) : s/n: PTESWD 35312
Power Translator Professional in Spanish : s/n: LSWA000881
Power Translator Spanish 1.0 (mac) : PTSMA004852
Power Translator v2.0 : PTSW013133
Power Translator 97 : PT6EU7-6.02-200-4964
PowerDesk : 001-16C-56728
PowerDesk for Windows 95 : 017-2244456 or 1790-11ef-9f12
PowerDrive v6.0 for Windows : U60041006398
PowerMarks v 1.2 : name/Registered #/VUKS5M
PowerMerge 1.0 (mac) : PM1-002897
PowerPlot/Lite v4.0 : 98HJ-YY-U762
PowerScan 2.0.5 (mac) : Reg Seed#6F312122
PowerStrip v2.04a : name/Licensed #/7080E4C6A
PowerStrip v3.0 : animal
PowerTrax 1.2 (mac) : 267048 SSI-92-2031 E-34502439249 Password:&#197 PowerTrax
PowerView : 1-38620-KVEASRD
PowerWeb98 v1.1a/32 : name/_masta_ #/PWR-4138748204-00
Practica Musica : 00215052
Practica Musica 2.295 (mac) : 226835 00215052 PM220569 692878
Pragme Systems TelnetDaemon for Windows NT : User name: DjPaul [uCF] Registration Code: 120024946820
Prairie Dog Hunt Pro 97 : name/Steve Hsu #/F609
Preditor View v4.04 : 5187401
Prefet Screen : name/Super User #/16889311967
PreForm v1.0 from Delrina for Windows : 2201-8201-1029
Premier Code Writer v2.0c for Windows : CW020003-02929
Premiere 4.0 (mac) : PRX200100002-025-609
Premiere v1.0 for Windows : MBW100X3100970-389
PrePrint : 11-1009-200021734 or 11-1000-200027072
PrePrint 1.x (mac) : 02-0001-100000000
PressWise (mac) : 02-000-00000
Print Central 3.0.5 (mac) : 65-3054-000915595
Print Que Lan v1.08 (20 users) : D701772K
Print Shop Deluxe II v3.03 : 22097
PrintScreen 95 v2.7 : 775828925
Print Screen 95 v7.0 : 216803453
Printer's Apprentice v5.7 : BTKA% Z
Printer's Apprentice v6.5a : name/Steve Hsu #/BTKA% Z'
Pro Backgammon v3.0 : 10117120
Pro-Cite 2.02 (mac) : MP12460
ProComm Plus v1.1 for Windows : PW10467543 or PW10101913
ProComm Plus v2.0 for Dos : PP20116382 or PP20356565
ProComm Plus v2.0 for Windows : PPWU2000081467
ProComm Plus v2.01 for Dos : PP20909329
ProComm Plus v2.10 for Windows : PPWE2100077294 or PPWE2100081467
ProComm Plus v2.10 for Windows (2) : PPWU2109999999 or PPWU2100081467
Procomm plus v2.11 for Windows : PPWE2100081467 or PPWU2100077294 or PPWU2109999999
ProComm Plus v2.11 for Windows 95 : PPWU2110000617 or PPWU2110048518
ProComm Plus v2.11 for Windows 95 (2) : PPWU2110077294 or PPWU2110135263
ProComm Plus v2.11 for Windows 95 (3) : PPWU2110221822 or PPWU2110383310
ProComm Plus v2.11 for Windows(95) : PPWU2110000617
ProComm Plus v3.0 for Win95 : PPWU3000999999
ProComm Plus v3.0 for Windows 95 : PPWU3000999999 or PPWU3000165321
ProComm Plus v3.0 for Windows 95 (2) : PWWU3001111111 or PPW02111111111
ProComm Plus v3.0 for Windows 95 (3) : PPWU3000081467 or PPWU3000211994
ProComm plus v3.0b for Windows : PPWU3000081467
Procomm Plus v4.0 for Windows 95 : PPWU4000211994 or PPWU4000151111
Professional Draw : 3000045840 or 3000563445
Professional VideoPlayer for Windows 95 : 2705684811
ProgramLaunch v1.5 build 95 : name/NiTR8^ #/B4PE1AUKJD9AGGBPG39I1SEI
ProJect Manager Workbench v2.0 for Windows : 120344
Project Scheduler v6.0 : 211103207
Pronto 96 : name/cOPYCaT #/4pf6mh8k
Prophet v5.0 : key1/MCVD 1997 key2/Nl.FcZ1sDx
ProTel PCB v1.5 for Windows : #/1867757877 access code/B399-7B65
ProTel Schematic Designer v1.0 for Windows : 2001993
ProTel Schematic Designer v2.0 for Windows : #/2002228 access code/B339-7B65
ProTerm 1.0.x (mac) : Serial #/000000347 Key/0000015001
PSearch v4.4a for Dos : name/GaRY D. [UCF] #/000000138
Psxvideo : name/Steve Hsu #/1VMI5JBUKD
Psychedelic Screen Saver 3.0 : 63827 (Register only the SS) 64222 (Register Both the SS and the CD Spec Pro)
Psychedelic Screen Saver v2.5 : 7283
PTT PhoneBook dec. '94 CD-ROM : D2865
PTT PhoneBook dec. '95 CD-Rom : A7532
PTT PhoneBook sept. '94 CD-ROM : H3435
PTT PhoneBook sept. '95 CD-ROM : D7293
Purify for Windows NT : name/<any> company/<any> ID/25002-010907 #/921-5125403112

QAPlus v7.0 for Windows 95 : 24C1911
QAPlus/FE v5.30 : 12345-6789-0
QEMM 386 v7.03 and v7.04 : 001-32H-72414
QEMM 386 v7.5 : 010-17F-95293 or 011-17F-00009 or 017-17F-08319
QEMM 386 v7.52 : 000-000-00009 or 213-07H-70123 or 213-07H-70123 
QEMM 386 v7.52 : 411-37H-52268 or 111-111-11149 or 101-02H-90990 
QEMM 386 v7.53 : 001-32H-72414 or 010-17F-95293-0123
QEMM v7.00 : 103-27E-53601 or 202-67E-80502
QEMM v7.00 : 111-57E-13560 or 601-37E-53103
QEMM v7.03/v7.04 : 001-32H-72414 or 111-62H-44044 
QEMM v7.03/v7.04 (2) : 701-42H-02405 or 010-72H-11114 
QEMM v7.03/v7.04 (3) : 224-92H-01208 or 110-12H-21112
QEMM v7.50 : 010-17F-95293 or 011-17F-00009 
QEMM v7.50 (2) : 103-22H-90808 or 102-UFO-08044 
QEMM v7.50 (3) : 300-UFO-80008 or 111-UFO-42244 
QEMM v7.52 : 000-000-00009 or 000-252-47729
QEMM v7.52 (2) : 111-111-11149 or 114-22H-28256 
QEMM v7.52 (3) : 213-07H-70123 or 411-37H-52268
QEMM v7.53 : 001-32H-72414 or 405-22H-00500 
QEMM v7.53 (2) : 010-17F-95292 or 000-UFO-00009 
QEMM v8.00 : 000-18A-40708 or 444-999-23679 
QEMM v8.00 (2) : 333-989-37938 or 999-081-01344 
QEMM v8.00 (3) : 221-189-57390 or 555-171-18618 
Qemm v9.00+ : 000-000-00009
QEMM 97 : QEDU9000108543
Qemm windows 95 : 000-18B-40708-0123
QFront v?.?? : name/The GuaRDiaN aNGeL bbs/G.!.$ #/33-3333
QFront v?.?? (2) : name/TeLLeRBoP bbs/G.!.$ #/22-1423 
QFront v?.?? (3) : name/Me! bbs/G.!.$ #/01-0001 
QFront v?.?? (5) : name/2U! bbs/G.!.$ #/12-0012
Qmodem : name/Batman #/62758 or name/--- #/40063
Qmodem (2) : name/XXX #/3078 or name/*** #/64173 
Qmodem (3) : name/You #/13006 or name/Nobody #/34381
QModem +v4.6 for Dos : name/The GuaRDiaN aNGeL #/51672 
QModem +v4.6 for Dos (2) : name/You! #/47305
QModem +v4.6 for Dos (3) : name/SoMeBoDy! #/00306
Qmodem Pro v1.10 for Windows : 92-0069
Qmodem PRO v1.53 : 66-3454
Qmodem Pro v1.53 for Dos : 66-3454 or 86-0001 or 90-1444 
Qmodem Pro v2.0 for Win95 : 569065 or 569069 or 57-17240
QmodemPro for '95 : 123-456-789
Qoole v2.31 : name/CU Chephren #/7586rp-6869dt-1688kr-8203gw
QPEG V1.4b : edit QPEG.REG line #1: oere - okware line #2: 2C-D05940F512345678804704956DF1A2C4
QPEG V1.4b (1/1) : make textfile QPEG.REG
QPEG V1.4b (1/2) : line #1: oere - okware line #2: 2C-D05940F512345678804704956DF1A2C4
QPV/386 1.6c : (edit QPEG.REG and put this file in your root/path but not in your Qpeg directory)
QPV/386 v1.6c (2) : line 1#: 62RE- QPV/386 v1.6c line 2#: 40-E9D70E3D12345678B9C94A5D31BC1223
QPV/386 v1.6c (3) : line #1: F9RE- YOU! line 2#: 73-45EB9D1B1234567815F5D97B8FEB2446
QREAD v2.1 : name: Registered s/n: sWZNgrSmEbONAMYv
Qualitas DisPatch v1.0 for Windows : 100 3520 10180, 100 7610 30040
Quark Xpress 3.3x : XG-50002863
Quark Xpress SXetch Pad (mac) : 63AC-DAF4-5CBD-AB98
Quark Xpress v3.3 with EFI : WX-12572277
Quark Xpress v3.31 for Windows : WX-12572277 or WX12890208
QuarkExpress v3.31 for Windows : s/n: WX-12572277 or s/n: WX12890208
Quarterdeck CleanSweep v1.0 : s/n: 000-05C-00009 or s/n: 111-15C-11112
Quarterdeck CleanSweep v1.0 (2) : s/n: 333-35C-33338 or s/n: 444-45C-44441
Quarterdeck CleanSweep v1.0 (3) : s/n: 777-75C-77770 or s/n: 888-85C-88883
Quarterdeck CleanSweep v2.0 : 000-06C-00009 or 111-16C-11112
Quarterdeck CleanSweep v2.0 (2) : 333-36C-33338 or 444-46C-44441 
Quarterdeck CleanSweep v2.0 (3) : 666-66C-66667 or 777-76C-77770
Quarterdeck CleanSweep v3.0 : 000-19C-00009 or 111-19C-11112
Quarterdeck CleanSweep v3.0 (2) : 333-19C-33338 or 444-19C-44441
Quarterdeck CleanSweep v3.0 (3) : 666-19C-66667 or 777-19C-77770 
Quarterdeck DESQview/X Motif Toolkit v2.0 Watcom : 000-0BY-00009
Quarterdeck DESQview/X Motif Toolkit v2.0 Watcom (2) : 333-3BY-33338 
Quarterdeck DESQview/X Motif Toolkit v2.0 Watcom (3) : 666-6BY-66667
Quarterdeck DESQview/X Motif WM v2.0 Metaware : 000-0AY-00009
Quarterdeck DESQview/X Motif WM v2.0 Metaware (2) : 333-3AY-33338 
Quarterdeck DESQview/X Motif WM v2.0 Metaware (3) : 666-6AY-66667
Quarterdeck DESQview/x v2.1 : 000-06X-00009 or 111-16X-11112
Quarterdeck DESQview/x v2.1 (2) : 333-36X-33338 or 444-46X-44441
Quarterdeck DESQview/x v2.1 (3) : 666-66X-66667 or 777-76X-77770 
Quarterdeck Expertise 32-bit : 000-08F-00009 or 050-18F-05009 
Quarterdeck Expertise 32-bit (2) : 102-38F-20202 or 600-48F-10002 
Quarterdeck Expertise 32-bit (3) : 010-68F-28201 or 223-78F-27076
Quarterdeck InternetSuite Majid : 000-08M-00009 or 050-18M-05009
Quarterdeck InternetSuite Majid (2) : 102-38M-20202 or 600-48M-10002
Quarterdeck InternetSuite Majid (3) : 223-78M-27076 or 048-88M-40638 
Quarterdeck InternetSuite v1.0 for Windows : 000-07J-00009 
Quarterdeck InternetSuite v1.0 for Windows (3) : 223-77J-27076 
Quarterdeck InternetSuite v2.0 for Windows : 000-08P-00009 
Quarterdeck InternetSuite v2.0 for Windows (2) : 102-38P-20202
Quarterdeck InternetSuite v2.0 for Windows (3) : 010-68P-28201
Quarterdeck MagnaRAM v2.0 : 122-28B-66138 or 000-17G-00009 
Quarterdeck MagnaRAM v2.0 (2) : 222-17G-22225 or 333-17G-33338
Quarterdeck MagnaRAM v2.0 (3) : 666-17G-66667 or 777-17G-77770
Quarterdeck MagnaRAM v3.0 : 122-29G-66138 or 000-19G-00009
Quarterdeck MagnaRAM v3.0 (2) : 222-19G-22225 or 333-19G-33338 
Quarterdeck MagnaRAM v3.0 (3) : 666-19G-66667 or 777-19G-77770 
Quarterdeck Manifest v2.0 : 000-08L-00009 or 111-18L-11112 
Quarterdeck Manifest v2.0 (2) : 333-38L-33338 or 444-48L-44441
Quarterdeck Manifest v2.0 (3) : 777-78L-77770 or 888-88L-88883 
Quarterdeck Mosaic v1.0 for Windows : 005-07H-97198 or 111-17H-00042
Quarterdeck Mosaic v1.0 for Windows (2) : 301-37H-10112 or 102-47H-08044
Quarterdeck Mosaic v1.0 for Windows (3) : 100-67H-22568 or 498-77H-93123 
Quarterdeck Mosaic v2.0 for Windows : 005-08S-97198 or 111-18S-00042 
Quarterdeck Mosaic v2.0 for Windows (2) : 301-38S-10112
Quarterdeck Mosaic v2.0 for Windows (3) : 498-78S-93123
Quarterdeck Quixote : 005-06K-97198 or 111-16K-00042 
Quarterdeck Quixote (2) : 301-36K-10112 or 102-46K-08044
Quarterdeck Quixote (3) : 498-76K-93123 or 754-86K-14396
Quarterdeck Regenie v1.0 Standalone : 005-09E-97198
Quarterdeck Regenie v1.0 Standalone (2) : 301-39E-10112 
Quarterdeck Regenie v1.0 Standalone (3) : 100-69E-22568
Quarterdeck SpeedyRom v1.0 for Win '95 : 002-18T-55764
Quarterdeck TopRoyal : 005-07K-97198 or 111-17K-00042
Quarterdeck TopRoyal (2) : 301-37K-10112 or 102-47K-08044
Quarterdeck TopRoyal (3) : 100-67K-22568 or 498-77K-93123 
Quarterdeck TotalWeb v1.0 : 005-09B-97198 or 111-19B-00042
Quarterdeck TotalWeb v1.0 (2) : 301-39B-10112 or 102-49B-08044 
Quarterdeck TotalWeb v1.0 (3) : 100-69B-22568 or 498-79B-93123 
Quarterdeck WEB Star v2.0 for Windows 95 : 000-08K-00009
Quarterdeck WEB Star v2.0 for Windows 95 (2) : 202-38K-22001 
Quarterdeck WEB Star v2.0 for Windows 95 (3) : 481-68K-15929
Quarterdeck WEB Star v2.10 for Windows 95 : 000-08Y-00009 
Quarterdeck WEB Star v2.10 for Windows 95 (2) : 202-38Y-22001 
Quarterdeck WebAuthor v1.0 : 000-17N-22546 or 010-17N-34354
Quarterdeck WebAuthor v1.0 (2) : 115-17N-53220 or 090-17N-22240
Quarterdeck WebAuthor v1.0 (3) : 500-17N-04433 or 090-07N-44318
Quarterdeck WebAuthor v2.0 : 000-18N-22546 or 010-18N-34354 
Quarterdeck WebAuthor v2.0 (2) : 115-18N-53220 or 090-18N-22240 
Quarterdeck WebAuthor v2.0 (3) : 500-18N-04433 or 090-08N-44318
Quarterdeck WebCompass Personal : 000-08R-00009 or 300-18R-21111
Quarterdeck WebCompass Personal (2) : 400-38R-40001 or 301-48R-08440 
Quarterdeck WebCompass Personal (3) : 222-68R-44401 or 442-78R-40801 
Quarterdeck WebCompass Professional : 000-08J-00009 or 300-18J-21111 
Quarterdeck WebCompass Professional (2) : 400-38J-40001 
Quarterdeck WebCompass Professional (3) : 222-68J-44401 
Quarterdeck WebServer for Windows : 000-07C-00009 or 300-17C-21111
Quarterdeck WebServer for Windows (2) : 400-37C-40001 or 301-47C-08440
Quarterdeck WebServer for Windows (3) : 442-77C-40801 or 406-87C-22711
Quarterdeck WebTalk 1.0 for Windows : 000-08D-00009 or 505-18D-50509
Quarterdeck WebTalk 1.0 for Windows (2) : 202-38D-22001
Quarterdeck WebTalk 1.0 for Windows (3) : 995-78D-70054 
Quarterdeck WebTalk 1.0 MAC (2) : 202-39F-22001 or 103-49F-08043
Quarterdeck WebTalk 1.0 MAC (3) : 481-69F-15929 or 995-79F-70054
Quarterdeck WEBtALK 2nd Seat : 000-08H-00009 or 505-18H-50509
Quarterdeck WEBtALK 2nd Seat (2) : 202-38H-22001 or 103-48H-08043
Quarterdeck WEBtALK 2nd Seat (3) : 481-68H-15929 or 995-78H-70054 
Quaterdeck CleanSweep 95 : 004-16c-68867
Quaterdeck Internet Suite 1.0 : 003-17j-55484
Quatro PRO v3.1 : DA246D10323488
Quatro PRO v5.0 for Windows : 1F945C10098127 or IA935A10031893
Quattro Pro v2.0 : DA245C10043771
Quattro Pro v3.1 : DA246D10323488
Quattro Pro v4.0 for Dos : PA247B10254847
Quattro Pro v5.0 -Dutch- or NL : IA945C10033381
Quattro Pro v5.0 for Windows : 1F945C10098127 or IA935A10031893
Quattro Pro v6.0 : 1QP60XW0145769
Query for OS/2 : 5622-118
Quick Books Pro for Win95/NT : 0261556419 or 1234567879
Quick Books v1.0 for Dos : 382.71.904
Quick Books v2.0 for Windows : 296-00-111
Quick Books v3.0 for Windows : 1000164598 or 1002571428
Quick Books 3.0 (mac) : 100-284-7950
Quick Books Pro 3.1 (mac) : 1000 816 361
Quick Books 5.0 for Windows : 268-436-214 
Quick Cab Pro v6.01 : name/LOMAX [DSI] #/540154816136
Quick Color v3.01+ : name/MCVD 1997 #/02386D7E
Quick Color v3.20 : name/DARK EMPIRE #/751C5318
Quick Color v3.22 : name/Steve Hsu 5029 #/08093B34
QuicKeys II 3.01 (mac) : 1057081LHB
QuickFlix! (mac) : F1009383-0045
Quick Folder Finder : 8738
QuickFormat (mac) : QF!DD45FPDACC16LS
Quick Install Maker v3.01 : name/LOMAX [DSI] #/QIM-0025076016
QuickMail 2.2 (mac) : 40866
Quick Menu III +v3.1b for Dos : pc#/1157821GNIPPGS network#/1157821BNNUKJN
Quick Menu III +v3.1b for Dos (02) : pc#/0123456KIKGQOS network#/0123456FIPLLRN
Quick Menu III +v3.1b for Dos (03) : pc#/1234567MIMGSQS network#/1234567HIRLNTN
Quick Restart for Dos and Windows : 5747462262790A
Quick Restart v1.5 for Windows : 00617051QR1
QuickRun v1.3 : 3B45FCB8010000007401 (Replace 74 to 75)
QuickSANE 1.0 (mac) : QS-9133700
Quick Time v2.0 for Windows : 040904E4
Quick To-Do 98 v2.01 : name/SiLicon Surfer [PC] #/2001720
Quick View Plus v3.0 : QVP0036131007
Quick View Plus! v3.0 or 3.0.3 for Win95 : QVP0036131002
Quitare Pro v2.01 : name/LOMAX [DSI] #/CEGIILNPQTWWWBDDVV
Quixote : 000-16K-00009
Quota Manager for Windows NT 2.6.1 : RB1J52PC975O
QV (Picture viewer) : name/Crack da WareZ #/32000

R & R Report Writer v6.0 for Windows : 65793
R & R Report Writer v6.5 for Windows : RRW6-481169
Rad van Fortuin (RVF) : name: Leontine Ruiters s/n: EADD-ADFD-BBA6-575512
RagTime v3.0 : s/n: 6601120 Production Number: 8739401
RAM Disk Saver 2.0 (mac) : 158100157
RAMexam : 5432189569
RAMexam v7.01 : 90060814060
Random Password Generator v6.0: name/Steve Hsu #/5vEd9A3mxm
Random Test Generator v1.4 : name/Steve Hsu #/00007ttrSw
RaNews v?.?? : name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL bbs: G.!.$ s/n: 3F9F865A9DB1 Phone: 031+00000000000
RaNews v?.?? (02) : name: TeLLeRBoP bbs: G.!.$ s/n: 3F9F26182066 Phone: 031+00000000000
RaNews v?.?? (03) : name: 2U! bbs: G.!.$ s/n: 3F9F9A52A911 Phone: 031+00000000000
RaNews v?.?? (04) : name: 4U! bbs: G.!.$ s/n: 3F9F9C54AB13 Phone: 031+00000000000
RaNews v?.?? (05) : name: Xxx! bbs: G.!.$ s/n: 3F9FA5E9A0F4 Phone: 031+00000000000
RaNews v?.?? (06) : name: You! bbs: G.!.$ s/n: 3F9FCFBD919F Phone: 031+00000000000
RaNews v?.?? (07) : name: Me! bbs: G.!.$ s/n: 3F9F859D8B73 Phone: 031+00000000000
RaNews v?.?? (08) : name: ???! bbs: G.!.$ s/n: 3F9F6F2D49F7 Phone: 031+00000000000
RaNews v?.?? (09) : name: NoBoDy! bbs: G.!.$ s/n: 3F9FEC429894 Phone: 031+00000000000
RaNews v?.?? (10) : name: SoMeBoDy! bbs: G.!.$ s/n: 3F9F24140967 Phone: 031+00000000000
RaNews vx.xx : name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL bbs/ G.!.$ s/n: 3F9F865A9DB1 Phone: 031+00000000000
RapidTrak (mac) : 600001201
RaR Archiver v1.54+ for Dos : name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: E478F2CB98B7521995 or name: TeLLeRBoP s/n: 79D32A7FDEC3721995
RaR Archiver v1.54+ for Dos (2) : name: !YOU! s/n: A9BC77E742FBCA1995 or name: ????! s/n: DBC5B1C421E9281995
RaR Archiver v1.54+ for Dos (3) : name: -=+A+=- s/n: C7D0B6E93115FD1995 or name: SoMeBoDy! s/n: 485F619CCD2D2C1995
RaR Archiver v1.54+ for Dos (4) : name: NoBoDy s/n: 5FCAF228CFCBB81995 or name: Woody! s/n: 94688872D96A621995
RaR Archiver v1.54+ for Dos (5) : name: Who Else! s/n: ECCA0DFB87E6671995 or name: GooFy! s/n: A45ABA40B3DE701995
RAS Professional v0.41 for Windows 95 : user name: DjPaul uCF authority key: 194361
Ray Dream Designer v3.1.3 : DW-313-1-9424-34021 or DW-313-1-8686-4776
Ray Dream Designer v3.x : DW-313-1-8686-4776
Ray Dream Designer v4.0 : DW-410-1-1270-31249
Ray Dream Studio : 410-2865-7667
Ray Dream Studio v4.0 : SM-00000-0-1-54633
Ray Dream Studio v4.0 for Win95/NT : SW-400-0-1026-46336 
Ray Dream Studio v5.0 : SW-500-1-4356-32162
RayDream Designer 3.1.1 (mac) : RD-301-1-2116-14832
RBase v3.1b : 4650988
ReachOut Fastest RA v6.7 : 1031-0123-4567-8934
Reachout remote control PRO v4.04 for DOS and Windows : 000688192
ReachOut Remote Control Pro-Edition v4.04 for Dos/Windows : 000646264 
ReachOut Remote Control v5.0 for Dos and Windows : 1031-1100-0000-0000 
ReachOut Remote Control v5.0 for Dos and Windows (2) : 1031-0830-0000-0000 
ReachOut Remote Control v5.0 for Dos and Windows (3) : 1031-8680-0000-0000 
ReachOut Remote Control v5.0 for Dos and Windows (4) : 1019-0055-3363-0658
ReachOut v6.0 for Windows 95 : 1031-0123-4567-8934
ReadySetGrow! 1.0 (mac) : 20475
Real Estate Software Analysis for Dos : name/TANYA P. MOSES #/96031701
Realmz 2.0 (mac) : s/n:11603111 RCs/n:7252020
Realmz Assault on Giant Mountain (mac) : 0000017663 Doom
Real Video BlackJack v4.1 : 179581
Real Video BlackJack v4.5 : 179581
Real Video Poker v4.5 : 586491
Rebecca : name: (your name) email: (your email) s/n: 0012-3437-A102
Reclaim It v2.3 : RECLAIMIT!VERSION2-021375
Recognita GO-CR v2.1 : UI23C2029043
Recognita Plus v1.0 for Windows : A46AW422604388
Recognita Plus v1.25 for Windows : A46IW422685241
Recognita v1.0 for Windows : A46AW422604388
Red Dragon Casino v1.1b : ZW0275
Reflection 4 v5.0 : BBJR0500001481599
Reflection Sweet for X v5.0 : 001487272
Reflection X v4.0 : WXP400L005847
Registered Version : 609314894
Regognita GO-CR v2.1 : UI23C2029043
RemindMe v1.5 : remind777me
Remora v0.90 : name/MCVD 1997 #/627457423
Remote acces : sysop: batman bbs: s/n: RFB7B1EF04CDD90AAC0045
Remote Access Pro +v2.02 : s/n: PFA3B7DE8FCDD90AAC0000 or s/n: PFB36AA3E5CDD90AAC0010 
Remote Access Pro +v2.02 (2) : s/n: PFFBD9F4B3CDD90AAC0030 or s/n: PFC7DB1B8BCDD90AAC0040
Remote Access Pro +v2.02 (3) : s/n: PFCAB17685CDD90AAC0050 or s/n: PF9161BC0DCDD90AAC0060 
Remote Access Pro +v2.02 (4) : s/n: PF6C03909ECDD90AAC0080
Remote Access Pro v2.02 : PFB7B1EF04CDD90AAC0045
Remote Access Pro v2.02 (250 nodes) : PF026549CB0002319A0045
Remove-IT v1.0 for Windows : 10022814
Remove-IT v2.0 for Windows 95 : 20154774 or 20153530
Remove-IT v2.0 for Windows 95 (2) : 20148045 or 20135685
Remove-IT v3.0 for Win95 : 20331296 or 20353775
Remove-IT v3.02 for Win95 : 20422-704-0768-5802
Rems Property Manager 500 v3.0 : 92336 1/2
RenameWiz v1.0.3 : 316432591
Render Studio 3D for Windows : UserName:DoH!RuLeZ! CompanyName:HeLLAND iNC. #:17 Verification#:863528
Render Studio 3D for Windows : UserName:DoH!RuLeZ! CompanyName:HeLLAND iNC. #:27 Verification#:863547
Renderman 5.5 (mac) : 3273071853
Renderman for Windows : 1114897156
RenderMan from Pixar for Windows : 1114897156
Replica 1.0 (mac) : RPM-0010-0342-38QD
Retrospect Remote (mac) : 426-194-0387
RiadaAttivo v1.00b2 Build 39 : name/Killer+Bee #/57R22QPC0
RiadaBillboard v1.03 build 25 : name/Killer+Bee [pC'97] #/X720RVKB1
RiadaCartel v1.1 build 120 : name/Killer+Bee [pC'97] #/H5J2A2KB0
RiadaCartel v1.1b4 : name/Killer+Bee #/I4SQMGPC0
RiadaForm v1.01 build 32 : name/Killer+Bee [pC'97] #/6J0HVDKB0
RiadaHeadline v1.03 build 44 : name/Killer+Bee [pC'97] #/CPWZA7KB0
RiadaLinx v1.02 build 22 : name/Killer+Bee [pC'97] #/ZA20RWKB1
RiadaLock v1.02 build 29 : name/Killer+Bee [pC'97] #/0FZ12CKB1
RiadaVivo v1.0 build 54 : name/Killer+Bee [pC'97] #/EXUAMQKB1
RiadaVivo v1.00b2 Build 32 : name/Killer+Bee #/YTZ2IDPC0
Rich Win v4.3 : RWA0-579461-0194
Right Fax v4.02 for OS/2 : region: RFS1 s/n: SNR055369
RightWriter (mac) : TGMC 113695
Rio v6.21 : 205521
Ripper v1.2 : name/Riz la+ #/5$56?ppG or name/mRFANATIc [D4C] #/5$56?ppGGpp?65$5
Ripper v1.3 : name/Cheops #/5$56?ppGGpp?65$5
RIPterm Pro v2.00.01 : name: Jabberwocky s/n: TPD0-E9C8-DK31-A6A1
RoadTech v1.0 : A5-171754
RoboComm Vga BBS-Board : name/Scott Parsell #/91683846992076418530629133404918614429
Rock & Bach Studio v1.0 : 0247942
Rosenthal Uninstall v4 : s/n: DE6D name: MaRooN
RoundClock v1.0+ : name/MCVD 1997 #/3CC9-2D3C3-CC9-96D0
Route 66 1.5 (mac) : 28JSSV4559813 Application
Route 66 for Windows : 28424XVMH0333
RouTe 66 v1.0 for Windows : program s/n: 28424XVMH0355 benelux.map s/n: 2316FSFE74625
RouTe 66 v1.0 for Windows (2) : program s/n: 28424XVMH0335 benelux.map s/n: 2316FSFE74626 europa.map s/n: 21848QSK47810
RouTe 66 v1.5 for Windows : program s/n: 2CDDJ76930000 benelux.map s/n: 180SEPN656641 europa.map s/n: 201857282SPQZ
Rubber Duck H30+ v1.02 : name/-= +ALI-BABA =- #/5f86 be15 289c baaa dd52 c945 b91c 4373 a6ec
Rude Dog On-Line Adventure : name/The GuaRDiaN aNGeL bbs/G.!.$ #/351145 
Rude Dog On-Line Adventure (2) : name/You! bbs/G.!.$ #/68869 
Rude Dog On-Line Adventure (3) : name/SoMeBoDy! bbs/G.!.$ #/170570
Rude Dog On-Line Adventure (4) : name/Xxx! bbs/G.!.$ #/39136
Rude Dog On-Line Adventure (5) : name/4U! bbs/G.!.$ #/42133 
RumBa APPC v2.1 : 00997290
RumBa for the InterNet v1.0 for Windows : 00955877
Rumba Mainframe Connect v4.0 (4 node) : 00491097
RumBa MainFrame Connection v4.0 (4 node license) : 00491097
RZSplit 97 : 93103
RZSplit for Win95 v1.4 : 72266

Источник: [https://torrent-igruha.org/3551-portal.html]
, Quarterdeck Mosaic v2.0 Win serial key or number

DESQview/X Software Ports

ssh, version 1.2.27. I have recently (May 2000) ported ssh (secure shell) to DESQview/X. This is a cryptographically secure replacement for telnet. For export control reasons, I can't make the source or executable code available on the web. But if you would like a copy and can convince me that you are in the U.S., I'll send you a copy. Please send me email at bmm@cs.cmu.edu.

To use the port, you would type the following:

C:\> set DISPLAY=

C:\> ssh -v bmm@mycomputer.myschool.edu xterm

In the first line, is the IP address of the local host (the machine running DESQview/X). The DISPLAY environment must be set if you want to enter your passphrase without having it appear in the DOS window, and also if you wish to have the program running on the remote host display any X-windows on the local host.

In the second line both the user name, "bmm", and the command that is to be run on the remote host, "xterm", are required. (-v indicates verbose diagnostic output.) Username is required because the notion of who the current user on a DESQview/X machine is a bit fuzzy to me. The command is required because this port of ssh does not provide TTY emulation. (The reason being that djgpp version 1.12 doesn't have a TTY library.) But running xterm will do what you want it to do: run an xterm on the remote machine, but have it display on the local host. From this xterm you can then launch other programs on the remote machine, and also have them display on the local host.

Not only does ssh make a connection to the remote host without sending your password in the clear, it also cryptographically encodes all of the data that is sent back and forth between the two machines during the session. Furthermore, it automatically "tunnels" X traffic through the connection in a secure fashion.

For all of this to work, you'll need to have sshd running on the remote host. This is pretty standard these days on Unix systems.

A few other remarks: the port assumes that the files containing the list of known hosts, the random seed, etc., are stored in /dot.ssh/ on whatever disk you run ssh from, and will create this directory if it doesn't exist. It also looks for some things in /etc/. It doesn't have to find any files to run successfully, though.

I've noticed that DESQview/X behaves badly when you attempt to open more sockets than the network manager allows. I bumped into the limit because ssh will open two sockets to the local X server for each X window that is displayed on the local host. So don't try to open too many. But I'm able to get three xterms, an xemacs, an ical, and an xbiff (running on two hosts) simultaneously.

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Mosaic (web browser)

This article is about the browser produced by NCSA. For the browser that was later renamed, see Netscape Navigator.

NCSA Mosaic, or simply Mosaic, was the web browser that popularized the World Wide Web and the Internet.[according to whom?] It was also a client for earlier internet protocols such as File Transfer Protocol, Network News Transfer Protocol, and Gopher. The browser was named for its support of multiple internet protocols.[3] Its intuitive interface, reliability, Microsoft Windows port, and simple installation all contributed to its popularity within the web, as well as on Microsoft operating systems.[4] Mosaic was also the first browser to display images inline with text instead of displaying them in a separate window.[5] It is often described as the first graphical web browser, though it was preceded by WorldWideWeb, the lesser-known Erwise,[6] and ViolaWWW.

Mosaic was developed at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA)[5] at the University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign beginning in late 1992. NCSA released it in 1993,[7] and officially discontinued development and support on January 7, 1997.[8]

Starting in 1995, Mosaic lost market share to Netscape Navigator and only had a tiny fraction of users left by 1997, when the project was discontinued. Microsoft licensed Mosaic to create Internet Explorer in 1995.


Mosaic 1.0 running under System 7.1, displaying the Mosaic Communications Corporation (later Netscape) website.

After trying ViolaWWW, David Thompson demonstrated it to the NCSA software design group.[9] This inspired Marc Andreessen and Eric Bina - two programmers working at NCSA - to create Mosaic. Andreessen and Bina originally designed and programmed NCSA Mosaic for Unix's X Window System called xmosaic.[5][7][9][10] Then, in December 1991, the Gore Bill created and introduced by then Senator and future Vice President Al Gore was passed, which provided the funding for the Mosaic project. Development began in December 1992. Marc Andreessen announced the project on January 23, 1993.[11] The first alpha release (numbered 0.1a) was published in June 1993, and the first beta release (numbered 0.6b) followed quickly thereafter in September 1993. Ports to Microsoft Windows and Macintosh had been released in September.[9] A port of Mosaic to the Commodore Amiga was available by October 1993. NCSA Mosaic for Unix (X Window System) version 2.0 was released on November 10, 1993.[12] Version 1.0 for Microsoft Windows was released on November 11, 1993.[13][14] From 1994 to 1997, the National Science Foundation supported the further development of Mosaic.[15]

Marc Andreessen, the leader of the team that developed Mosaic, left NCSA and, with James H. Clark, one of the founders of Silicon Graphics, Inc. (SGI), and four other former students and staff of the University of Illinois, started Mosaic Communications Corporation. Mosaic Communications eventually became Netscape Communications Corporation, producing Netscape Navigator. Mosaic's popularity as a separate browser began to decrease after the 1994 release of Netscape Navigator the relevance of which was noted in The HTML Sourcebook: The Complete Guide to HTML: "Netscape Communications has designed an all-new WWW browser Netscape, that has significant enhancements over the original Mosaic program."[16]:332

In 1994, SCO released Global Access, a modified version of SCO's Open Desktop Unix, which became the first commercial product to incorporate Mosaic.[17] However, by 1998, the Mosaic user base had almost completely evaporated as users moved to other web browsers.


The licensing terms for NCSA Mosaic were generous for a proprietary software program. In general, non-commercial use was free of charge for all versions (with certain limitations). Additionally, the X Window System/Unix version publicly provided source code (source code for the other versions was available after agreements were signed). Despite persistent rumors to the contrary, however, Mosaic was never released as open source software during its brief reign as a major browser; there were always constraints on permissible uses without payment.

As of 1993[update], license holders included these:[18]

  • Amdahl Corporation
  • Fujitsu Limited (Product: Infomosaic, a Japanese version of Mosaic. Price: Yen5,000 (approx US$50)
  • Infoseek Corporation (Product: No commercial Mosaic. May use Mosaic as part of a commercial database effort)
  • Quadralay Corporation (Consumer version of Mosaic. Also using Mosaic in its online help and information product, GWHIS. Price: US$249)
  • Quarterdeck Office Systems Inc.
  • The Santa Cruz Operation Inc. (Product: Incorporating Mosaic into "SCO Global Access," a communications package for Unix machines that works with SCO's Open Server. Runs a graphical e-mail service and accesses newsgroups.)
  • SPRY Inc. (Products: A communication suite: Air Mail, Air News, Air Mosaic, etc. Also producing Internet In a Box with O'Reilly & Associates. Price: US$149–$399 for Air Series.)
  • Spyglass, Inc. (Product: Relicensing to other vendors. Signed deal with Digital Equipment Corp., which would ship Mosaic with all its machines.)


Robert Reid notes that Andreessen's team hoped:

... to rectify many of the shortcomings of the very primitive prototypes then floating around the Internet. Most significantly, their work transformed the appeal of the Web from niche uses in the technical area to mass-market appeal. In particular, these University of Illinois students made two key changes to the Web browser, which hyper-boosted its appeal: they added graphics to what was otherwise boring text-based software, and, most importantly, they ported the software from so-called Unix computers that are popular only in technical and academic circles, to the [Microsoft] Windows operating system, which is used on more than 80 percent of the computers in the world, especially personal and commercial computers.[19]:xxv

Mosaic is based on the libwwwlibrary[20][21][22] and thus supported a wide variety of Internet protocols included in the library: Archie, FTP, gopher, HTTP, NNTP, telnet, WAIS.[7]

Mosaic is not the first web browser for Microsoft Windows; this is Thomas R. Bruce's little-known Cello. The Unix version of Mosaic was already famous before the Microsoft Windows, Amiga, and Mac versions were released. Other than displaying images embedded in the text (rather than in a separate window), Mosaic's original feature set is similar to the browsers on which it was modeled, such as ViolaWWW.[5] But Mosaic was the first browser written and supported by a team of full-time programmers, was reliable and easy enough for novices to install, and the inline graphics reportedly proved immensely appealing. Mosaic is said to have made the Web accessible to the ordinary person for the first time and already had 53% market share in 1995.[23].

Impact of Mosaic[edit]

Mosaic was the web browser that led to the Internet boom of the 1990s[19]:xlii. Other browsers existed during this period, notably Erwise, ViolaWWW, MidasWWW and tkWWW, but did not have the same effect as Mosaic on public use of the Internet.[24]

In the October 1994 issue of Wired magazine, Gary Wolfe notes in the article titled "The (Second Phase of the) Revolution Has Begun: Don't look now, but Prodigy, AOL, and CompuServe are all suddenly obsolete – and Mosaic is well on its way to becoming the world's standard interface":

When it comes to smashing a paradigm, pleasure is not the most important thing. It is the only thing. If this sounds wrong, consider Mosaic. Mosaic is the celebrated graphical "browser" that allows users to travel through the world of electronic information using a point-and-click interface. Mosaic's charming appearance encourages users to load their own documents onto the Net, including color photos, sound bites, video clips, and hypertext "links" to other documents. By following the links - click, and the linked document appears - you can travel through the online world along paths of whim and intuition. Mosaic is not the most direct way to find online information. Nor is it the most powerful. It is merely the most pleasurable way, and in the 18 months since it was released, Mosaic has incited a rush of excitement and commercial energy unprecedented in the history of the Net.[18]

Reid also refers to Matthew K. Gray's website, Internet Statistics: Growth and Usage of the Web and the Internet, which indicates a dramatic leap in web use around the time of Mosaic's introduction.[19]:xxv

In addition, David Hudson concurs with Reid, noting that:

Marc Andreessen's realization of Mosaic, based on the work of Berners-Lee and the hypertext theorists before him, is generally recognized as the beginning of the web as it is now known. Mosaic, the first web browser to win over the Net masses, was released in 1993 and made freely accessible to the public. The adjective phenomenal, so often overused in this industry, is genuinely applicable to the... 'explosion' in the growth of the web after Mosaic appeared on the scene. Starting with next to nothing, the rates of the web growth (quoted in the press) hovering around tens of thousands of percent over ridiculously short periods of time were no real surprise.[25]:42

Ultimately, web browsers such as Mosaic became the killer applications of the 1990s. Web browsers were the first to bring a graphical interface to search tools the Internet's burgeoning wealth of distributed information services. A mid-1994 guide lists Mosaic alongside the traditional, text-oriented information search tools of the time, Archie and Veronica, Gopher, and WAIS[26] but Mosaic quickly subsumed and displaced them all. Joseph Hardin, the director of the NCSA group within which Mosaic was developed, said downloads were up to 50,000 a month in mid-1994.[27]

In November 1992, there were twenty-six websites in the world[28] and each one attracted attention. In its release year of 1993, Mosaic had a What's New page, and about one new link was being added per day. This was a time when access to the Internet was expanding rapidly outside its previous domain of academia and large industrial research institutions. Yet it was the availability of Mosaic and Mosaic-derived graphical browsers themselves that drove the explosive growth of the Web to over 10,000 sites by August 1995 and millions by 1998.[29] Metcalfe expressed the pivotal role of Mosaic this way:

In the Web's first generation, Tim Berners-Lee launched the Uniform Resource Locator (URL), Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), and HTML standards with prototype Unix-based servers and browsers. A few people noticed that the Web might be better than Gopher.

In the second generation, Marc Andreessen and Eric Bina developed NCSA Mosaic at the University of Illinois. Several million then suddenly noticed that the Web might be better than sex.

In the third generation, Andreessen and Bina left NCSA to found Netscape...

Branches and descendants[edit]

Netscape Navigator was later developed by Netscape, which employed many of the original Mosaic authors; however, it intentionally shared no code with Mosaic. Netscape Navigator's code descendant is Mozilla Firefox.[32]

Spyglass, Inc. licensed the technology and trademarks from NCSA for producing their own web browser but never used any of the NCSA Mosaic source code.[33]Microsoft licensed Spyglass Mosaic in 1995 for US$2 million, modified it, and renamed it Internet Explorer.[34] After a later auditing dispute, Microsoft paid Spyglass $8 million.[34][35] The 1995 user guide The HTML Sourcebook: The Complete Guide to HTML, specifically states, in a section called Coming Attractions, that Internet Explorer "will be based on the Mosaic program".[16]:331 Versions of Internet Explorer before version 7 stated "Based on NCSA Mosaic" in the About box. Internet Explorer 7 was audited by Microsoft to ensure that it contained no Mosaic code,[36] and thus no longer credits Spyglass or Mosaic.

After NCSA stopped work on Mosaic, development of the NCSA Mosaic for the X Window System source code was continued by several independent groups. These independent development efforts include mMosaic (multicast Mosaic)[37] which ceased development in early 2004, and Mosaic-CK and VMS Mosaic.

VMS Mosaic, a version specifically targeting OpenVMS operating system, was one of the longest-lived efforts to maintain Mosaic. Using the VMS support already built-in in original version (Bjorn S. Nilsson ported Mosaic 1.2 to VMS in the summer of 1993),[38] developers incorporated a substantial part of the HTML engine from mMosaic, another defunct flavor of the browser.[39] the last (4.2) release[update], VMS Mosaic supported HTML 4.0, OpenSSL, cookies, and various image formats including GIF, JPEG, PNG, BMP, TGA, TIFF and JPEG 2000 image formats.[40] The browser works on VAX, Alpha, and Itanium platforms.[41]

Another long-lived version of Mosaic – Mosaic-CK, developed by Cameron Kaiser – saw its last release (version 2.7ck9) on July 11, 2010; a maintenance release with minor compatibility fixes (version 2.7ck10) was released on January 9, 2015, followed by another one (2.7ck11) in October 2015.[42] The stated goal of the project is "Lynx with graphics" and runs on Mac OS X, Power MachTen, Linux and other compatible Unix-like OSs.[42]

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  • Goldberg, Ken (1994). Beyond the web: Excavating the real world via mosaic. Second International WWW Conference. CiteSeerX
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